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Shed Fat And Gain Muscle Like A Big Guy Should

Follow this guide to get fit and ripped in no time
by Ria Esguerra | Mar 4, 2018
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Girls are all for tall dudes. But if you’re also quite chunky, then that can take a few pogi points off your tally. Now, if you’re looking to trim down that waistline, things can be a bit more challenging for a big guy like you. You don’t want to end up looking stick thin, so you’ll definitely need to build some muscle too. And to get those proportions just right, here’s what you need to do:

Straighten out your goals

Saying that you want to lose weight and tone up your body is not enough. Your road to fitness won’t be a walk in the park, so you need to set your own standards and be honest with yourself about why you’re doing this.

“Taking note of your main goal and motivation is crucial,” explains UFC Certified Coach and licensed Physical Therapist Rozelle Diu of UFC Gym Vertis North. “Like if meron kang gustong i-target na specific weight or meron kang specific activity na gusto mong magawa. It's also really important to get to the point of why you started to change your habit or lifestyle.”

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As a general rule, you can base it on your height-to-weight ratio or your Body Mass Index (BMI). At the end of the day, though, it will all still boil down to your personal standards. “Pwede kasing okay naman yung BMI mo, pero hindi mo naman gusto 'yung hitsura mo tsaka yung performance ng katawan mo,” adds UFC Certified Coach Rey Talosig (also of UFC Gym Vertis North).

See, when you have a good combination of cardio and weight training exercises, the number on the scale may not change, but you can start to see and feel the difference for yourself when muscle mass starts to replace fat. In short, it’s not always all about the numbers, but it’s a good start-off point.

Rewire your brain

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There is pleasure to be derived from eating, and it’s okay to indulge every once in a while (Read: CHEAT DAY, not cheat week), but if you start to view food as fuel, it will totally change your outlook, Talosig notes. “Kung, alam mong heavy training session ka today, it’s okay to eat more, but you should also consider yung source of energy and availability niya,” he says.

Simple sugar like chocolate or a shot of caffeine before a workout can help boost your performance, while binge eating at a buffet? Not so much. “It'll take time for your body to break down all the nutrients and then absorb it, and then utilize it, kasi usually mas complex na yung mga food sa buffet,” explains Talosig.

Remember, too, that diet fads are just that: fads. “Believer ako na balanced dapat ang diet mo,” says Diu. Talosig further explains, “Ang importante kasi sa nutrition, yung diet mo ay sustainable. Hindi yung dahil uso lang. For example, you can do keto, and yes, papayat ka, pero can you sustain that for like a year, five years? I don't think so. It's gonna be detrimental sa puso mo since high fat.”[ArticleReco:{"articles":["41388","41375","41264","41111"]}][ArticleReco:{"articles":["41388","41375","41264","41111"]}]

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Work out smart

Working out exhausts not just your body, but also your mind. According to Diu, if you’re into running, for example, focusing only on that can increase your risk of joint injury, so it’s best to mix and match your workout routines. “You can do your running as cardio and mix it up with weight training so you can gain strength and burn fat as well,” she adds.

Cross training is also very important para ma-maintain yung zest mo for your workout at dire-diretso ka with your routine, so you should try switching up your cardio every now and then,” Talosig says.


“Way back in the 80s, pag sinabing cardio, aerobics tayo o kaya running lang. Ngayon, meron tayong mga iba't ibang klaseng machines na good for cardio. May rowing machines, pwedeng biking or ellipticals. A pick-up game of basketball will also work if yun ang hilig mo,” he continues.

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A common rookie workout mistake is skipping warm-ups and cooldowns. These are important as they can help improve your range of motion and prevent injuries. A 30-second plank hold is actually a good, clean, simple warm-up move.

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Weight plate optional.

“Planks are very good for core activation and can develop your core stability which is key to performing other exercises properly. To a certain extent, planks can work better for your abs than other moving abdominal exercises,” adds Diu.

The right type of stretching exercises before and after your workout can actually do wonders too. Diu and Talosig recommends going for dynamic stretches to warm up and the old-school static stretches to cool down.

For dynamic stretches, try The World’s Greatest Stretch.

And a variation of the Gorilla Squat shown above. Do it by raising your hands overhead after you lower yourself into the squat position, then powering upward to a standing position.

Another typical misconception about effective workouts? You always have to load up with heavy weights. For a hefty guy who hasn’t been to the gym in ages, there’s no shame in de-loading and going for bodyweight exercises first.

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“You have to always improve your stability first. From stability, you jump to strength. After strength, then you go for power. Ganun ang sequence,” Diu  stresses. “And bodyweight movements, definitely, nakakapag-promote rin ng weightloss while developing all those. So start with those exercises para at least, minimal rin 'yung injuries.”

Here are five bodyweight exercises you should incorporate into your routine, according to Diu and Talosig:











If your body’s not quite ready for pull-ups yet, the inverted row is a good alternative.

Talosig’s final word of advice: “Regardless of the exercise, put a premium on the quality and the execution of the movement. It’s not really so much sa quantity. It's better na you can only do one rep, pero strict and perfect form.”


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