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These Men Get Real About The Hardships Of Keeping Weight Off

From fat to fit to fat again—and the six moves you must do to stay lean
by Marjorie Duran | Jul 23, 2017
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You did it! You've finally shredded those unwanted pounds, feeling damn great about your #gainz. But your celebration proved to be fleeting because you've regained what you had worked hard for to slash in just a few monthsl Perhaps you binged and hibernated on the couch for weeks, or you simply became complacent with your newest #fitbod.

Sounds familiar? This may not be your story yet, but we've witnessed how men transformed their body quickly, only to realize that maintaining their improved physique was just as challenging. Turns out it might be easier to lose weight than to keep the weight off for good.

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We can learn a thing or two from Darwis Asana’s fitness story. A call center agent, the 30-year-old has been on the heavy side since he started working. He decided to tackle his weight problem head on in 2016.

Aside from being active by regularly climbing mountains, he stuck to a “less rice and more veggies and fruits” diet. And in roughly three months’ time, his weight plunged from 192 pounds to 155 pounds.

Bad news, though. it didn’t take him long to regain all the pounds he’d easily lost.

“This year tinamad na ako kasi yung mga kasamahan ko laging mag-hike eh tinamad na din. Simula nun, nawala na yung routine ko to go hiking every rest day. Tapos, nawala na din ‘yung discipline ko when it comes to eating,” he admits.

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The same goes for 40-year-old Oliver Del Rosario, who blames his lack of discipline for failing to maintain his ideal weight.

With the goal of getting in shape, Del Rosario kept a resolution to take exercise and diet seriously some years back. A year into his high-protein diet and regular running routine, he successfully dropped from a whopping 230 pounds to a lean 170 pounds.

He enjoyed this victory for almost two years before a knee injury kept him from doing strenuous activity for six months.

“I rested and stopped running. After the six-month rest, I tried to run and be fit again, but then tinamad na rin ako at hindi na ako bumalik sa fitness routine ko. Ang sarap kumain, eh. Tapos lagi pang may dine out with clients because of my work,” shares Del Rosario, a medical representative.

With his sedentary lifestyle, he was unsurprised to find his weight shooting up again. Del Rosario currently weighs 215 pounds.

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While Asana and Del Rosario have failed to maintain the weight they've lost, the two are now trying to walk away the pounds by slowly getting back into their “fit routine.”

And if there’s one thing they want people to learn from their story, it’s this: discipline is the key to keeping the weight off for good.

Now you wonder, how can you be successful in your fit journey when so many others have failed? We’ve got you covered, brother.

We consulted Aldrich 'Spike' Nicdao, PTRP, Fitness Institute of Australia Certified Fitness Coach and Functional Fitness-Makati Program Manager, to give us some tips on how to maintain your weight after you've met your goal.

Watch what you eat

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“There’s this saying that you are what you eat, so choose to eat healthy even after you’ve achieved your ideal weight, because you can maintain your weight by eating properly. Also remember to never skip meals, para hindi bumagal ang metabolism mo.”

Choose the workout/activity that you love

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“It’s very important that you enjoy what you’re doing so you can challenge yourself while sticking to this workout in the long run.”

But you should always up the level of your workout

“Example, if you are running for 5K every day in one month. Sa first week to second week, you will lose weight, then afterwards, the body will eventually adapt because you didn’t change the pace or the distance. So if before, mataas ang heart rate mo and you were burning calories, kapag paulit-ulit mong ginagawa, you will hit a plateau.”

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Never underestimate the power of recovery

“Recovery after your workout is important to allow muscle repair. So give your self some days to rest as you make it a point to sleep six to eight hours a day, because lack of sleep can cause you to gain weight.”

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Value simple activities

“There’s no such thing as ‘I have no time for a workout.’ You always have the time—play with your kids, if you have one, or invite your family for a run on a weekend. At least you have time for your family and yourself so you can’t give the excuse that you gained weight because you’re too busy.”

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But ultimately, its best to hire a fitness coach

“Make sure to choose a licensed coach and don’t just go after the traditional 'buhat' in the gym. If you have a coach, mas less yung tendency na tamarin ka and mawala ang discipline mo kasi you are motivated to train, and at the same time you can avoid injury.”

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