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Your Man Manual To Valentine's Day Gifts With Benefits

Because sharing is caring. Why should she have all the fun?
by Marcus Sta. Maria | Feb 13, 2017
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Still don't have a gift for your girlfriend this Valentine's? To motivate you, here are a few gift suggestions that don't just bring a smile to her face, they bring a grin to yours, too. But beware, ulterior motives often have unintended consequences.         

Netflix Subscription

She'll Like It Because: Not only will she be able to watch her favorite crime procedurals, art films and music documentaries on demand, she'll also be able to do it during her commute to and from work, thanks to the wonders of mobile data and Netflix's automatic resolution switcher.
You'll Benefit Because: You've heard of “Netflix and Chill,” haven't you? You can spend more time together at her house, watching Narcos or The OA on the couch, and letting “things” develop. Plus, you get to watch all your stupid action flicks and B-movies while she's away or asleep.
Possible Backfire: She finds out that Sex and the City 2 and The Notebook are permanently on your “You Are Watching” list.

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Instax Mini Hello Kitty

She'll Like It Because: It harks back to her childhood, when her best friends were made by Sanrio and Gift Gate was her special place. It also gives her an analog alternative to Instagram, letting her capture fleeting moments and print them straight from the camera through the magic of instant film.
You'll Like It Because: You're a sucker for mementos as well, especially of those private moments you take when you're all alone with her.
Possible Backfire: When you're out in public and she asks you to take a photo of her, you'll have a big-ass Hello Kitty on your face. If you're asked to carry it, you can't hide it in your jeans pocket. 

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Qwestion Tote Bag

She'll Like It Because: It's a stylish new bag, hello. She can put in all her gym gear, purse, phone and charger, and a couple of books with space to spare.
You'll Benefit Because: Trying to find something in a tote is usually an expedition into endless darkness and disarray. They are a man's worst enemy. The Qwestion has a side zipper for easy access into the bag, a padded compartment for a notebook, and pockets for her phone and other small items, so there's a bit more organization. Plus you can transform it into a backpack when she has you carry it.
Possible Backfire: You still have to carry it.

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Sony PlayStation 4 Pro


She'll Like It Because: It shows her that you don't subscribe to neanderthal misogynistic gamergate notions that women only belong in video games if they are scantily clad characters with exaggerated boob physics. She can trounce you easily in NBA 2K17 and hold her own in Overwatch.
You'll Benefit Because: Hey, a hobby that you actually share! Giving her a PS4 Pro gives you a license to purchase new games as they come out, even though she may not be a fan of, say, racing games. It's also another reason to stay at home, sit beside her on the couch, and engage her in some friendly, frisky competition.
Possible Backfire: She gets utterly immersed in an open world RPG like Horizon Zero Dawn and forgets you exist. That, or all her male gamer friends keep hanging out on her couch.

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Dyson Supersonic

She'll Like It Because: The Supersonic is quite possibly the best damn hair dryer on the planet, a total rethink of a woman's essential bit of kit from the design to the functions. High velocity directional air plus precise temperature control, heat shields, magnetic styling nozzles and better balance make for faster drying and more refined styling.
You'll Benefit Because: She'll be ready for your date quicker, and she'll be happier with how she looks. No more waiting in an idling car, wasting gas and polluting the environment. 
Possible Backfire: Unless you have a long-term commitment going on, she may be long out of your life by the time you finish making payments on this.

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GuavaPass Membership

She'll Like It Because: It lets her overcome gym boredom by trying out different workouts at the various gyms in the GuavaPass network. She can have a weekly routine of Crossfit and Yoga, while having the freedom to try out fencing and flying trapeze, plus the option of changing that all up when she wants to.
You'll Benefit Because: Not only will you have a sexier, fitter, more energetic significant other, you'll also have the PlayStation 4 Pro all to yourself.
Possible Backfire: All the men at the gym are hotter than you, and some of them are straight, single, and ready to mingle. You're the guy who sits on the couch all morning with a wireless controller. What'cha gonna do about it?

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Anker PowerCore+

She'll Like It Because: Even though it isn't the most romantic of gifts, the PowerCore+ gets her through the entire day without her phone or tablet dying. It's practical, almost a necessity these days for people who need to keep constantly in touch with their work, friends, family and media feeds.
You'll Benefit Because: You know when you call her up, her phone won't be dead.
Possible Backfire: She'll rely on you to keep it charged and blame you when it isn't.

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Minipresso GR

She'll Like It Because: She isn't human until she has her first cup of coffee in the morning.
You'll Benefit Because: Neither are you. But all she usually has at home is instant.
Possible Backfire: You can't get a word in sideways when she's hyper-caffeinated and she's horrible when her caffeine crash hits.

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