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FHM-Approved Art!

<p>Art collecting, FHM style!</p>
| Feb 22, 2011
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Everybody knows putting your money in the bank is never the way to go about making your money grow. The stock market is such a fragile little thing, opening a business sounds like a drab, and property, well, you don't have that much benjamins just yet.

Here's a good and novel way to invest your moolah: Art-collecting. Admittedly, art connoisseurs we are not. But... Witness exhibit A:

Sculpture by Michael Cacnio. Photo by Heidi Pascual

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Carlo Mallo of says, "Art is generally priceless but it is one of the worthy investments you can make in your lifetime if you can afford to do so. Studies show that a masterpiece can earn as much as 6% increase in value annually."

Now, we aren't suggesting you go get a masterpiece, pronto. That's money-out you can afford for later. A good way to begin collecting? Check out younger artists, whose works are pegged at a friendlier price range than those of the older, already established ones. (Check out's list of the Top 10 Most Successful Young Visual Artists in Manila) As they grow older, and establish themselves in the world of art, so will their works increase in value.

The best way to begin, however, comes from Mallo: Art is only a worthy investment if you actually appreciate the piece that you are buying. As fine outstanding young men, we believe we know what tickles your fancy. So, here are some ideas to start your fledgling collection. Play art critic at the following FHM-certified exhibits:

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