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FHM Asks Jerwin Ancajas How To Do A Proper Sit-Up

Start small and simple
by John Paulo Aguilera | Jun 22, 2018
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Maintaining a sculpted physique like that of IBF World Super Flyweight champion and this month's FHM Hero Jerwin Ancajas' requires a lot of hard work and discipline.

His team, led by coach Joven Jimenez, closely monitors anything that has to do with the nutrition and conditioning of the man they call "Pretty Boy." Whether it's the early morning runs or steamed sweet potatoes, all of it constitutes to Ancajas' sneaky power and chiseled frame. Although one doesn't have to go unbeaten in 17 consecutive matches and successfully defend the belt six straight times to achieve such form.

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Photo by Kevin Cayuca


One of his trainers shared, "Mukha lang madali, pero sobrang nakakatulong yung sit-ups sa training ni Jerwin. Kadalasan dalawang variations, two sets each, tapos 15 repetitions. Malalaman mo kung gumagana siya pag sumakit na yung abdomen."

Apparently, it was coach Joven who researched about the perfect workout for the rising slugger and taught the rest of Ancajas' corner. And he explained that the calisthenics routine isn't simply a part of the cooldown, but is responsible for toning the abdominal muscles, and more importantly building strength and stability.

We had to know the secret behind his rock-hard abs, so FHM asked Jerwin personally during our recent shoot at Survival Camp in Cavite.

Focus on the right form

No matter how many sets and repetitions you do, if the mechanics are faulty, those are useless attempts. He explains, "Kailangan talaga naka-flat yung likod, may dalawa kasing klase ng sit-ups, regular tsaka side-by-side." Bend knees 90 degrees, and flex your feet.


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Do crunches correctly

"Hindi pwede umangat yung pwet at paa. Kailangan yung torso ang nagtatrabaho," Ancajas reminds. You don't have to rush the workout—the slower, the more effective and safer every sit-up will be. "Natapos mo nga yung set, na-injure ka naman."

Start small and simple

There's no shame in less reps, he says. "Yung ginagawa namin, 15-15, pero kung nagsisimula ka pa lang, pwedeng isa lang muna bawat variation tapos 20 counts para 40." After all, the body of Ancajas was a product of years and years of training and perseverance.


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