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Scare Sobriety Away With These Creepy Cocktails

Spin The Bottle Bar brews us a few horror-ific cocktails
by Khatrina Bonagua | Oct 31, 2016
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We asked our friends from Spin The Bottle Bar to brew us one of a kind concoctions this Halloween long weekend.

The plan: Come up with horror movie-themed cocktails that will impress our date’s taste buds. And of course, it should be freakishly Instagrammable, too.


The bar came up with four scary, yummy drinks exclusively made for FHM and FHM readers, they are:

Train To Busan

Feel like you have a party of wild zombies inside your mouth with this delicious combo of coffee, mudshake, and alcohol. Warning: You might act like those wild zombies from the film after a glass or two.

The Walking Dead

The drink may be sweet and fruity, but don’t let it deceive you. Drink it bottoms up, count 1 to 10, and feel the zombie curse slowly invade your system.

Blair Witch

Venomous like the snake candy on top, this drink will poison your system…with alcohol, that is. Now this is the kind of trouble you want to get into.

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The Eye

Perfect for your sweet date, The Eye’s orangey flavor—complete with the scary lychee and cherry looking at you—will give you that zesty taste with every sip. Your lady will surely love it…not until the alcohol kicks in. Surpise!

Just go to the bar, order the secret drinks from the video above, and scare the shit out of your date… in a good way.

Spin The Bottle Bar is located at Crave Park, 24 Mayor Gil Fernando St., Centro de Buenviaje, Barangay Sto. Niño, Marikina City. Visit their Facebook and Instagram accounts for more details.


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