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FHM Kadiri Files #4: All About B.O.!

Because it's not enough that you look ready for the rest of the year, you have to smell the part, too!
by Neps Firmalan | Jan 9, 2014
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We've already told you why 2014 will be awesome. We even shared with you a few New Year papogi tips and shown you a bundle of lucky charms to usher in good luck. However, let's not forget that one area that can push others away from you if neglected, even if you look like a bagong-ligong Johnny Depp.

No, we're not talking about bad behavior (although one must not sleep on that, too).

All it takes is a little sniff of your kili-kili to know what we're talking about. Didn't like how it smelled? You came to the right place, bro!

In the fourth edition of FHM Kadiri Files, we deal with B.O. or body odor and the things you can do to help make your bod smell like it's ready for the rest of the year!


dealing with body odorHermione isn't amused

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B.O or body odor is generally described as the unpleasant smell given off by our body. It's also called bromhidrosis or osmidrosis, both terms defined as having a fetid or foul-smelling sweat. Strictly speaking, all of us have a certain odor. However, some are unlucky enough to have a B.O. that's a big T.O.


Like in the case of bad breath, body odor can be the result of several factors combining to make you a nose repellant. The mixture of sweat and bacteria is the biggest of them all. The latter is odorless by nature. However, sweat is rid off our body by the bacteria on our skin. And after the bacteria "digest" our sweat, it breaks down into acidic compounds. This ultra-microscopic breakage produces body odor.

Other factors include food and genetics. We'll discuss these more in a bit.


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The answer is a big fat NO. Although the armpits are the poster child for smelling bad, B.O. is a product of your whole body. As we've said, the main culprits are sweat and bacteria, so any area that has sweat glandsfrom your scalp to your yagbols to your ga-plantsa calves—can smell.

dealing with body odor

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However, a few areas are known to be more susceptible to B.O. These include the armpits, singit, and jointsbasically areas where sweat can accumulate more and bacteria can really proliferate.

NEXT: We answer one enduring question about B.O!

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