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FHM's Gift Guide: Part 3 Stuff for the house!

<p>The best thing about giving home implements? They are unisex! Kitchen implements for your dad? No problemo!</p>
| Dec 4, 2009
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And lastly, gifts for the home. No, we don’t mean candles, or coffee mugs. Receiving home (or even office) implements can be refreshing.

For one, it’s highly unexpected so you’re score high in the surprise factor. And then there's the usefulness factor. Especially in these trying times, when Ondoy has become more than a funny name, home implements can be highly useful.

And lastly, giving home implements is a thoughtful act. It means you’re not only thinking about the person you are giving it to, but that you’re also thinking about his or her family and loved ones.

On your part, it should be easier giving stuff for the house because it's a unisex affair; more often than not, you can give to your dad the same thing that you gave the boss lady.

Just one reminder: Don’t give feeling close gifts, especially to authority figures. That means no to bubble bath kits to your mother-in-law (read the labels!).

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