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Five easy ways to dancing

<p>To the beat of the drum!</p>
| Sep 4, 2009
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As you may have heard, the Jabbawockeez is in town this weekend. You know what that means: Dancing is the name of the game. We know what you're thinking—we're thinking the same thing. But the ladies love it and fact of the matter is, the ladies get turned on by it.

So. A five-point plan on how to groove gracefully to the beat:

1. Do not overdo it. You will look silly and worse, trying hard. On the dance floor, it's okay to look like a lot of things except trying hard. So, just like most everything else, be yourself. Let the beat take the lead.

2. Think small. Small, sexy moves that is. If it's a crowded dance floor, small sexy moves should do the trick. Keep your elbows in and forget about trying complicated dance steps.

3.Live it on the edge. No partner? No problem! Keep at the edge of the dance floor and simply move to the beat. And start moving toward that girl you've been eyeing. And then casually ask her to join you.

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4. Get some air. If your armpits are starting to feel like their on fire, that's your cue to leave the dance floor. Quick. Freshen up. Go to the bar. Chat it up with the ladies. Remember, nobody wants to dance with a sweaty, smelly dude.

5. Keep your cool. Even if she moves as though she wants to bed you, do not, under any circumstances, take advantage of her drunken state of affairs. You can show respect to the girl and dance at the same time.

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