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Five ways to survive life or death situations!

<p>Outwit criminals! Outplay the odds! Outlive disasters!</p>
| Aug 17, 2009
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With the second season of Survivor Philippines premiering on GMA 7 tonight, FHM thought we'd play along and go thematic! And so here is a short list on how to survive...the urban jungle, that is! Take information below and use it to even the odds in favor of your survival.

1. Keep your wits. Be aware. "If you're a potential kidnapping target dur to your profession or profile, then it pays to be a little paranoid," says Buddy Acenas, Mataas Na Guro of the Pekiti Tirsia Kali Manila martial-arts school. "Do you notice any cars parked near your office or home which are unfamiliar to you or your neighborhood? Do you notice any vehicles following you?"

2. Cultivate mental toughness. Don't lose hope; don't lose your wits, if you want to increase your chances of survival. "Being kidnapped, hijacked, or becoming a hostage in a bank robbery is extremely stressful and traumatizing," says Buddy Acenas.

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WORDS: Michael Aquino
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