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Have Sex! Stay Healthy!

<p>Make Love and Live</p>
| Feb 12, 2010
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While sappy songs lord the airwaves this time of year, a particular Eagles hit stands out. Love will keep us alive, they sing. [firstpara]
It’s especially true if you bring that love to the bed, the tabletop, the car, or wherever.

While making love—or to scrap the sugarcoating, sex—is fun, here’s a better reason why you should follow suit on Sadie Nardini and her husband’s resolution for 2010.

Making love not only keeps you alive. It keeps you alive longer, healthier, and happier. While you may already know the stress-relieving and sleep-inducing effects of sex, we’ll throw in some new surprises.

Next time she says no to your lead, present these facts.

1. Sex keeps your ticker ticking
Red wine, tuna, and tomatoes are known to be good for your heart. Add shagging to that list. Your risk of having a heart attack goes down by 50 percent if you have sex three or more times a week, reports a study by Queens University in Belfast.

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Get your heart checked first, though, if it’s healthy enough to withstand that much pleasure. Cardiac arrest at the height of your nth romp is possible if you have a weak heart to begin with.

2. Shag your way to a 6-pack
All that thrusting strengthens your core. It also develops muscular stamina of your shoulders, chest, triceps, and many more depending on the positions you try out.

For a 20-minute session, you also burn at least 35 calories (it spikes to 100 calories depending on how much effort you put in it). So if you have multiple romps per week, say three times a week for a month, you lose at least 420 calories.

That’s more than what you burn after a 5 kilometer run at an average pace. Consider yourself a lean and mean shagging machine.

3. Boost your immune system with every thrust
There’s vitamin C, then there’s vitamin S—for sex, that is. University of Pennsylvania researchers say that hitting the sheets once or twice a week strengthens your immune system by 30 percent. Want more proof?

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Nardini says she got no colds or flu in the entire month she and her husband started their 2010 resolution two months ago.


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