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The Hottest Cosplays From This Year's ToyCon

These cosplayers will definitely make your geeky heart melt
by Mark Coles | Jun 13, 2016
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ToyCon 2016 was everything Pinoy pop culture fans ever wanted to quench their thirst for everything geek. Throughout the weekend, fans that flocked at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City were treated to a variety of goodies that entertained the nerd inside everyone present.

It had toys,

comic books,

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board games,


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and even a 25-foot Voltes V model!

But another feature that we definitely need to highlight was the brilliant cosplaying performed by the cosplayers who attended the convention. On the third and final day of the event, ToyCon held its Cosplay competition and the contestants were nothing short of amazing with their costumes on.

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If the giant Voltes V doesn’t bring back (hopefully wonderful) memories of your childhood, well, these costumed people will definitely do the job. The complete squad of Power Rangers were at the convention to add up to the event’s nostalgia trip.

Technically not a cosplay but the new cast of the rebooted Encantadia looked amazing in their respective costumes.

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Any pop-culture convention wouldn’t be complete without the appearance Star Wars. Members of the Philippine Garrison of the fan-based organization 501st Legion were on full display at ToyCon.

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 A Lady Deadpool was also present at the convention, complete with the funny one-liners.


Of course, we also have to feature the beautiful women who cosplayed their way right into our geeky hearts. 

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Cosplayer: Vanessa Danielle Malana
Cosplaying as: Lara Croft

One of the first cosplayers that grabbed our attention was this lass whose impression of Lara Croft is just downright impressive despite being a newbie. “This is my first cosplay event,” said Vanessa. “I’m a huge fan of the 2013 Lara Croft game that I decided to be her.”

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Cosplayer: Momo Santos
Cosplaying as: Harley Quinn

Momo definitely stole the show with her large mallet, a staple weapon of Harley Quinn in the comics and cartoons. “My favorite line of Harley from the comics is, ‘My boss likes me to wear a smile to work.’”

Cosplayer: Tiffany Core
Cosplaying as: Kenshin Himura

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We first thought that this Samurai X portrayer was a dude but turns out she was one of the cutest faces that we saw all day. And hey, let’s face it, in some angles Kenshin really does look like a girl.


Cosplayer: Hana Chan
Cosplaying as: Harley Quinn

With Suicide Squad premiering this August, it’s no surprise that cosplaying as the Joker’s criminal sidekick is fairly common. Hana’s favorite line from Harley? “Aw come on puddin’, don’t you wanna rev up your Harley?”

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Cosplayer: April Angeles
Cosplaying as:

Another character from Suicide Squad, this cosplayer is dead ringer of the comic book character.

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Cosplayer: Elle Ruivivar
Cosplaying as: Ahsoka Tano

For those who grew up watching the cartoon series Star Wars: The Clone Wars on Cartoon Network back in the day we bet you P50 that you had a massive crush on Ahsoka Tano, Anakin Skywalker's kickass apprentice.

Cosplayer: Audrey Giger
Cosplaying as:
Mother Talzin

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“I just loved how she was behind the scenes pulling everyone’s strings to do her bidding,” said Audrey, who definitely looks like a class-A Star Wars villain.

Cosplayer: Alice Chang
Cosplaying as: Huntress

Here’s a real-life version of the Huntress from DC comics, who definitely nails the look to a tee. She even has the battle-staff! “Huntress is one of my favorite comic book characters,” says Alice. “I just love her skills and abilities.”

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Cosplayer: Aya Ezmaria
Cosplaying as:
Leia Skywalker

“My favorite moment in the films was when Lea admitted her love to Han Solo moments before he was frozen in carbonite,” said Aya. “He just answered ‘I know!'”


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Cosplayer: Kirstine Ivory Pineda
Cosplaying as: Dark Angel Olivia

One look at Kirstine’s dress and you’ll be impressed with all its intricate little details. “I just fell in love with the character’s overall design that I decided to be her despite [the character] not being well known,” said Kirstine.

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Cosplayer: Jin Li
Cosplaying as: Her own Star Wars character

Now to be honest, when we first approached Jin we thought that she was portraying the villain Assaj Ventress from Star Wars but instead the character that we see here is her own creation. “I just love portraying the villains,” said Jin. “For me, their costumes are much more attractive than those of the heroes.”

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Cosplayer: Dianne Gonzales
Cosplaying as:

Don’t worry guys, unlike the real Melina in Mortal Kombat, Dianne doesn’t have a killer set of teeth that can crush a man’s bones in just one bite. Although, when asked what she liked about Melina the most, Dianne wasn’t hesitant in saying that Melina’s biting Fatalities in the game was the answer.

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Cosplayer: Ma. Deanne Gabrielle Tomboc
Cosplaying as: Thor (Jane Foster)

While gawking at all the cool toys surrounding us, we discovered this young lady whose Thor costume (and body) was on point. “My favorite part of Thor was when Thor discovered that he was unworthy of Mjolnir when he tried to lift it,” said Brielle.


Photos from Mark Jesalva, Philippine Garrison, Ramel Lenar, Power Rangers Cosplay PH, and TOYCON PH

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