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How to Close the Deal with Beautiful Women

Bat way out of your league with the help of experts from the world of sex and psychology
| May 27, 2013
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Like it or not, our world revolves around the idea of hooking-up with beautiful women. It's in our nature to, you know, be attracted to those who are attractive, and the fact that them gorgeous ones are almost everywhere these days isn't helping either.

You look for shoes at a department store and at least one of the sales ladies are pwede. You ride the MRT and a good number of girls in your line of sight are pasado. Even your female friends are getting hotter by the day. And why are interns nowadays so goddamn cute? We're not going to try to explain this phenomenon; however, we have a couple of experts from the world sex and psychology who can help us with information on something much better: how to seal the deal with these heavenly foxes.

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From FHM's May 2013 Issue
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