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Slash At Least 4 Lbs. Off Your Holiday Gut By Skipping Rope

Trust, this is better than heading out for another run
by Ria Esguerra | Jan 1, 2018
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Noche buena has come and gone, and with media noche fast approaching, it’s about time you started strategizing how you can get rid of some of those extra pounds once the festivities are over. For your health, bro.

If money is your excuse, then this Tabata workout is the answer. Coach David Victorio, ACE-CPT, ACE-FNS of 360 Fitness Plus Alabang created this training program composed of moves that will utilize only your bodyweight and a skipping rope (which doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg) specifically with weightloss in mind.

"Do it at least 3 times a week with max effort and you can stand to lose at least 4 lbs. in a month," says Victorio. "Of course, kailangan din hand in hand yan with good eating habits. Eat clean. No fast food, junk food, and processed foods. At siyempre 7-8 hours of rest per day."

Tabata, as Victorio explains, is essentially a type of high-intensity interval training (HIIT), which alternates 20 seconds of work at maximum effort and 10 seconds of rest—making it ideal for beginners. “The way this workout is designed will trigger and disrupt the body’s energy system resulting in more calories burned. Not to mention, it’ll help improve your muscular endurance and cardiovascular endurance as well, due to high repetition of exercises in an ample amount of time,” he adds. Another plus? This full workout won’t even take 20 minutes.

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Here’s how you do it:


Go all out for 30 seconds of each exercise, then go for 30 seconds of rest. That’s one set. Do two sets.

Jog in place (30 secs)
Jumping jacks (30 secs)
Butt kicks (30 secs)
Rest (30 secs)


Do 20 seconds of all out work with the first exercise, take 10 seconds to rest, then repeat with the next exercise. Finish all four exercises to complete one set of each activity. Do two to three sets per activity.

Activity 1

Regular bounce jump rope (20 secs)
Squats (20 secs)
Run in place jump rope (20 secs)
Push-ups (20 secs)

Activity 2

High knees jump rope (20 secs)
Shoulder taps (20 secs)
Side straddle jump rope (20 secs)
Side lunges (20 secs)


Go for a full-body stretch at your own pace.

The Exercises:

Regular bounce jump rope




Run in place jump rope

For this jump rope variation, you skip the rope with each foot alternately instead of with both feet at the same time. You can up the ante by doing two skips with one foot before switching to the other.

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High knees jump rope

This variation requires you to raise your knees as high as you can as you skip with each foot alternately.


Shoulder taps


Side straddle jump rope

Perform a regular bounce but move your feet from one side to the other as you push off the ground with each jump.


Side lunges


Shot on location at 360 Fitness Plus Alabang
GIFs by Dan Aragon


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