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Let 'The Silencer' Teach You His Deadliest Move

Learn the kick that knocked Andrew Leone on his ass
by FHM Staff | Jun 9, 2018
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Team Lakay Bantamweight Kevin “The Silencer” Belingon recently put away his opponent in One Championship: Heroes of Honor Andrew Leone via a devastating spinning back kick in the 2nd round. The kick landed squarely on Leone’s midsection, which sent him reeling back and down the canvas only to be finished by Belingon via ground and pound.  


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We met with “The Silencer” and asked him for tips on how to deliver the perfect turning side kick.

1. Spread your weight evenly between both legs

2. Pivot on the ball of your lead leg

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3. Make sure your head spins first to get a good look at the target

4. Lift your kicking leg transferring your weight to the base (lead) leg

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5. Release your kick 

Important Points:

-Make contact using either your heel or the ball of your foot (depending on the distance of the opponent).

-Targets can either be the solar plexus or the rib cage, depending on what is open and how your opponent moves or reacts. 


See the spinning sidekick applied perfectly around the 11:29 mark:

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Photography: Mark Jesalva

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