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LOOK: 5 Things That Happen To Your Body An Hour After Eating A Big Mac

The 540-calorie monstrosity does a lot more than making us feel 20 pounds heavier.
by Neps Firmalan | Sep 22, 2015
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The Big Mac is what you can call McDonald's flagship burger. Blessed with two thick beef patties, three slices of bread, and an assortment of other mouth-watering goodies such as pickles, lettuce strips, and a sheet of cheese, it's the sandwich of choice for those who want to make sure they won't feel bitin after a trip to the hugely popular fast food chain.

But what exactly happens after we down a Big Mac (aside from, of course, making us feel 20 pounds heavier)? Two words: A lot.

Apparently, the said burger not only tastes good, it also triggers a host of processes inside our bodiessome of which might just discourage you from taking a bite again.

This nifty infographic from Fast Food Menu Price sums up what we mean nicely:

big mac effects

That part about feeling hungry again just after downing a 540-calorie monstrosity totally caught us off guard. And that bit about the amount of time our bodies need to digest it? Surprising.

We're not trying to be party-poopers on your fast food parade, and the Big Mac is, in itself, a tasty dish. Just don't overdo it, mkay? Eat Big Macs moderately and you'll be good.