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This P180 Meal Plan Is Guaranteed To Keep You Fat-Free

Because being healthy doesn't always have to be costly
by Marjorie Duran | Jul 14, 2017
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Unless you happen to have extra cash to go for ready-to-eat pre-portioned food delivery services, eating healthy meals a day can be challenging. But if you’re serious about getting that magic number pop up on the weighing scale as you try to stick to a budget, meal planning is no doubt the golden ticket.

So before you fall for the fast food traps, we tapped American Council on Exercise Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist and The Six Pack Chef Head Chef Karl Jude Boo to design a meal plan that’s affordable for a regular Juan.

“Consistency not just in your workout but also in your diet will bring results,” Boo says. “It’s very important to get your meal ready to avoid eating bad food, especially when you get hungry. Also, at least, you already know what to eat for the entire day.”

First things first, remember that in meal planning, it’s better to pay a regular visit to the market and buy in bulk to get better deals, advises Boo. Now cut down on your budget and check out this meal plan with a total cost of P186.

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Breakfast - Scrambled eggs & vegetables (P46)

3 pcs extra large eggs (P21)
Assorted vegetables (P20)
Olive oil, spices,  (P5)


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Lunch - Pan fried chicken & brown rice (P65)

3/4 cup brown rice (P10)
120g chicken breast raw (P35)
Olive oil, spices, (P5)
60g broccoli (P15)


Dinner - Chicken & beans stew (P63)

120g chicken breast raw (P35)
50g red beans (P8)
Assorted spices–onions & garlic, pepper (P10)
50g tomatoes (P5)
Olive oil, spices, (P5)

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Banana (P12)

Start from here and continue planning your daily food consumption. Remember that getting enough protein is your major concern. Boo says, “Carbs is very cheap and you can easily get that from rice, so watch out for protein-rich food. There are cheaper sources of protein, so for instance, instead of getting more expensive sources of protein like beef, you can opt for chicken and egg.”

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Ultimately, when you’re hungry, Boo says eggs and banana should be your go-to eats. Not only are they rich in protein, but they are also easy to store and prepare.

*Price is based on Wet Market Prices. And if items are purchased in bulk.



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