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2 Promos to Help With Your Resolutions

You can do it, buddy! Yes, we can!
by Lou E. Albano | Jan 3, 2012
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The universe is conspiring to help you stay resolute! Well, that's the universe in the form of promo contests and deals, ha ha. Since we're all for becoming better men this year, how about you check out these two fantastic deals!

Soyami Soya Chips, that awesome alternative to potato chips, wants to give you the gift of one-up! Apart from being the healthier snack option (Soyami chips are made with soy and are msg-free! See the health benefits of eating soy here!), it also gives you the necessary push to take your resolution to the next level: Exercise.

We like that this promo doesn't try to scare you with long-term commitment. The idea, you see, is for you to give it a try. Why, you could even hit a third resolution with this soya stone: Trying something new. If you don't like it, at least you say why, and that you tried. Very forgiving and yep, very encouraging.  

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