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FHM's Man Kicks Update: The Rugged Outdoors Edition!

Aside from being the perfect time to ogle beach babes, summer is also for the outdoors. This calls for some rugged kicks!
by Neps Firmalan | Feb 28, 2014
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We are at the last day of February, which means a couple of things: 1) your wallet is only about to breathe again after the shellacking it took on Valentine's Day (we hope it was worth it) and; 2) we're about to say hello to summer.

Yes, summer. The season of sun, sand, and sexybasically all nice things that start with the letter S.

You know another thing summer is also known for? Going out, and not just to your usual tambay sa mall. We're talking about the great outdoors, bros!

And what do you need when you're about to get into adventure mode? A healthy bod and quality kicks! The Adarna "siblings" (Ellen and Allan) could probably help you get in shape. However, we reckon your feet will likely see much more action, so it definitely pays to lace up with a tough, pang-harabas pair of shoes. This calls for a rugged, pang-outdoor update on the FHM Man Kicks collection!

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The outdoors doesn't necessarily mean a huge mountain or a dark, bat-infested cave. It can be any place outside the comfort of your home where you can run like crazy. And when you want to burn the tracks, you've got to have the right shoe for the job. Enter Saucony's new trio of running shoes: Guide 7, Fastwitch 6, and Grid Mayhem.

Saucony Guide 7 (P5,395)

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Coming with top-notch flexibility our beer-bellied bodies lack, the Guide 7 provides comfort and the right amount of responsiveness for a better running experience. It'll also fit your feet to a tee, as it's capable of adapting and moving with you at every stride. And, at a mere 10 oz, it's super lightweight, which means you'll be running more with less stress on your soles.

outdoor shoesFastwitch 6 (P4,795)

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Just like the Guide 7, the Fastswitch 6 offers flexibility and excellent fit in a lightweight design. Oh, it's also waterproof! The water drainage ports in its midsole helps it get rid of water faster, drying the soles and getting you back on track in a jiffy.

outdoor shoesGrid Mayhem (P3,795)

One of the lightest shoes in Saucony's arsenal, the Grid Mayhem (what an awesome sounding name that is!) provides optimal cushioning and protection for your feet. Expect lesser aches down there when you run. The upper has a breathable mesh base that basically allows your feet to breath. Hopefully, this little bit of technology can also result to fewer cases of your feet stinking up the room.

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Just like Saucony, Skechers' running shoes are made with top-notch material and armed with features that can help you go further. Another bonus: Their kicks also have this angas-looking facade that puts more attitude in your bilbil-burning running sprees.

outdoor shoesSkechers Go Run 3 (P4,395)

The Skechers Go Run 3 kicks have improved breathability which, as we've said, provides comfort. It also offers a restructured heel for a more "natural running feel" (translation: you feel almost barefoot and your feet don't hurt). And, with its strong lines and sole contours, Go Run 3 also has dibs on the rugged look. Wear it and show your fellow joggers that you mean business.

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outdoor shoesSkechers Nite Owl (P4,795)

Now, if you're more of the evening or early morning runner, then the Skechers Nite Owl is for you. Aside from having a light, flexible frame, it does one thing 99 percent of other shoes can't: the darn thing glows! Photo luminescent material is integrated in parts of the shoe. It absorbs light and releases it when the sun goes down (or when you're indoors). It's like having reflectors on your shoes, only way cooler!

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