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Pisting Yawa!

This month we take pride in our language by teaching you good, but mostly bad words in different dialects
by Ronjay Eduvas | Aug 16, 2011
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About time we celebrate Linggo ng Wika, FHM nation! Let’s try and rid ourselves of the slang and the accents that put our beloved Tagalog language to shame. Keep in mind this week’s motto: let’s talk local!

But not to the point of being makata; us pulling off a Balagtas will only make it sound like we’re mocking the national lingo. Instead we’ll give you one better – take pride in our language this month by learning the good, but mostly bad words in different dialects.

Let’s kick off today’s language lesson by opening our certified local foul-mouth vocabulary. All together now: “Pisting Yawa!”

(The entries for this gallery came from a Facebook survey made for our Pulse section for the month of August.)

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