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Please Take Care Of Us, Nurse Rachel McAdams

We’re jealous of you, Doctor Strange
by Khatrina Bonagua | Oct 29, 2016
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Ask your girlfriend who Rachel McAdams is and pretty much she knows her well. The Hollywood actress is known for chick flicks The Vow, The Notebook, About Time, The Time Traveller’s Wife, and Mean Girls—which probably are your woman’s favorites. When it comes to chick flicks, Rachel is known to slay every role through her acting—leaving hearts breaking and tears falling.

Don’t be sad, though. Now, you can admire Rachel’s beauty sans the cheesy movies. If you thought Marvel and McAdams will never ever collaborate...well, you’re wrong. In case you missed it, the 37-year old actress returns to the big screen in Scott Derrickson’s Doctor Strange alongside Benedict Cumberbatch. Rachel plays the role of Christine Palmer, a nurse who worked with Dr. Stephen Strange before his accident. Look:

Her role may be small, but Rachel will be much more important to Stephen Strange than her screen-time indicates. More reasons to watch the movie, right? Hell yeah!

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Dubbed as Hollywood’s next “It” babe, Rachel is truly a sight to behold. Too bad, she’s not a fan of social media, so us followers merely rely on her official fan site when it comes to her whatabouts.

But of course, that doesn’t stop us. FHM found two Instagram accounts dedicated for Rachel’s fans like us. And because we can’t get enough of her seemingly not-aging beauty, lo and behold, we compiled her best snaps for everyone’s viewing pleasure.


Marvel, you've done a good job casting this lass.


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