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The Single-And-Ready-To-Mingle's Love Month Gimik Guide

Pebrero na, sawi ka pa ba?
by Khatrina Bonagua | Feb 1, 2017
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Despite the advent of dating apps and social media sites, finding a date can still be a difficult task. What's problematic is you most likely do not know where to meet women you actually want to date, so you end up at all the wrong places, like a bar or nightclub. Perhaps you should figure out first what type of plus-one you're looking for, then head to places where they most likely hang out.

Movies, teleseryes, and even scientific research have taught us that women want to be hit on in a romantic and non-creepy way. You have to be confident, but not cocky; funny, but not over the top. Doing the right thing in the right place at the right time plays a huge part in winning over a romantic prospect.

FHM rounds up several places to rub elbows with the ladies this February, and throws in a handful tips on going about it while not weirding them out.

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1) If you want someone to talk sports with…

Go to the UAAP volleyball games

If guys have hoops, gals have this. And if you adore the likes of FHM covergirl Rachel Anne Daquis, this upcoming opening of the collegiate volleyball season is just perfect. Aside from the superb matches and the wonderful view of jersey-clad babes spiking their way into your heart, meeting sports-oriented female fans is also something to look forward to.

Approach her: Rooting for the same team obviously makes things easier. Sit and cheer beside her as her favorite player scores, and wait for the right moment to high five her. On the other hand, rival squads mean engaging her in playful banter. Push your luck by inviting her to talk about the outcome—or settle differences—over coffee. And of course, don’t forget to ask her to attend the next games with you.

The 79th UAAP volleyball begins on February 4. Click here for more details

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2) If you're into artsy, hip adventures…

Go to the Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Festival

She’s probably coming to fill her flat lay-laden Instagram feed with hot air balloons for a change. Don't block her view while she clicks and clicks. The quirky imagination and innate creativity of artistic women, very much like FHM cover girl Emmanuelle Vera, best suit the eccentric and free-spirited you.

Approach her: Getting her attention lies in mirroring her beliefs and interests through your action and appearance. Impress her with a jaw-dropping snap of the balloons, the sunset, or even her! Ask what camera she uses, her Instagram username to be able to double-tap her photographs. Artists love appreciation, so remember that. 

The Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Festival will happen from February 9 to 12. Click here for more details


3) If you're a true OPM believer…

Go to the UP Fair

What better way to show your love for the OPM scene—and women who know their indie beats—than by showing up in gigs! Cliché as it sounds, music is a universal language, very much like love. There’s just something about finding someone who shares your taste in music. Sparking conversations is effortless, especially when you sing your way into it. Just like the way a guitar player strums his instrument, you might just strike a chord with her.

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Approach her: Singing along to her favorite songs is a giveaway. Have fun banging your head to the beat, a la this month’s muse, Julz Savard. Protect her in the mosh, err, mush pit! Now's your chance to offer her a drink, and a dance to a love song.

UP Fair happens from February 14 to 18. Click here for more details

4) If you share someone's sense of wanderlust…

Go to the Panagbenga Festival

Most female solo travelers prioritize globe-trotting first and dating second, so proceed with extreme caution. That doesn’t mean they completely shy away from the idea of a companion. These women are usually open to casual chats, sometimes going out with total strangers, so approaching them will be easy. It's keeping up with them fast-paced, ever-changing soul that will pose a problem, especially if you're in it for the long run.

Approach her: Lucky you, as mentioned above, meeting a travel bug is not that difficult; she's used to interacting with people after all. Go and compare itineraries, and propose a joint excursion! Take pictures of her while she takes pictures of views (Peg: FHM October cover girl, Lovi Poe). Don’t forget to introduce yourself properly; show her your social media accounts, even IDs, to assure her you’re not someone shady.

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Panagbenga Festival’s Grand Street Parade and Grand Float Parade will take place on February 25 and 26. respectively. Click here for more details


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