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Smoking Etiquette

If you're gonna do it, might as well do it well!
by Lou E. Albano | Feb 8, 2011
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Let’s get one thing out of the way: Smoking kills. It’s bad for you, it will eventually own you, you don’t want that smokers’ breath.

That said, we know the lot of you are smokers and can’t quite kick the habit. Especially to non-smokers, it's not like you're doing it to annoy them. See above: cigarettes own smokers. The next time your lady nags you about it, you can tell her that quitting may be just as difficult as say losing the last ten pounds. Then maybe she'll understand.

So the next best thing, we reckon, is to smoke well. By “well” we mean you subscriber to a few rules that even the most self-righteous of non-smokers cannot find fault in that supposedly hideous habit.

 Because if you’re gonna do it anyway, might as well do it good. Yea? Yea. Okay below is FHM’s six-point Guide to Smoking.

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(But you know, if you can kick the habit, all the better!)

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