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Here’s Another Korean Thing We Want Right Now: High-End Movie Theaters

Augmented reality cinemas, seat motions, 31 x 13 meters screen, and beer
by Khatrina Bonagua | Jul 22, 2016
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K-Pop, bibimbap, Jinri ParkDescendants of the Sun—we're definitely fond of Koreans (well, except for basketball). Here's another thing we want to experience from our Asian neighbors: their kick-ass movie theaters.

YouTubers Soo Zee and Leigh of Do Stuff are the ones to blame for this intense envy. The duo recently uploaded a video showcasing some of the most extravagant movie theaters in Seoul, South Korea. And man, we're amazed.

There are seats that vibrate to the score and sequences of the movie; bed-like couches that allow couples to cuddle while watching; 4DX augmented reality cinemas that includes, rain, wind, fog, lights, scents, and booming audio; and a humongous movie screen measuring 31.4 x 13 meters tall.

You also won’t find your usual popcorn and soda here, instead, you’ll be served a 3-course meal, and a glass of ice-cold beer.


These unique cinemas located in the Land of the Morning Calm should definitely be part of your bucket list.


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