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Street Smarts

<p>Better <em>pranny </em>than sorry</p>
| Oct 16, 2009
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While there’s no stopping muggers, man-killers, and maniacs from carrying their MOs, here are a few things you can do—and tips to remember!—to keep these bastards at bay. [firstpara] They find strength in the numbers. Says Felix Vargas, chief of the Public Information Office of the PNP Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (PNP-CIDG), “robbers often come in threes.” They all have their roles to play in their MO.

In a jeep robbery for instance, one seats himself in front, to take care of hushing the driver, while the other two seat themselves at the rearmost to collect the loot.

In a bus scenario, on the other hand, we look to the  Tres Gang: one does the distracting, another takes care of the stealing; and the third, taking care of the what if’s.

The same goes with FX: One takes the front, another, the middle, and the last, at the back for maximum control.

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It’s in his eyes. “They usually talk through the eyes,” confirms Vargas. “Their eyes are roaming all the time.” Of course they are. Especially in public transport, they’re looking at your stuff, looking where you hid your cellphone, looking where you got your pamasahe.

And so, use yours, too. When walking, look ahead and look confident. When riding a cab, look at the name and plate number of the cab. If the name doesn’t sound too bogus, check for damages before riding in. “Most of the time, damages in tehse are done intentionally to disable the passenger from opening the doors by themselves,” warns Vargas.


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