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Sylvester Stallone Is 72 But He Looks Better Than 20-Year-Old You

The Hollywood action legend looks like he could whoop some serious ass
by John Paulo Aguilera | Sep 18, 2018
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If this sight of Sylvester Stallone putting in the work at 72 freakin' years old for Rambo 5: Last Blood doesn't get you pumped, we don't know what will.

The Hollywood action legend recently shared on Instagram his latest workout, in preparation for his return to the big screen as the grizzled soldier, John Rambo. We're almost a third of his age yet we're not sure if we can do even a single pull-up.

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Stallone also previously uploaded two videos of him—clad in a Rambo mug shot shirt—destroying the gym and spewing encouraging words: "Just because you've reached a certain age, doesn't mean you have to feel that age!"

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The clip was reminiscent of the veteran actor's intense training for earlier installments of the film series during the '80s. Just like in the past, Stallone co-wrote the screenplay of the Adrian Grunberg-helmed fifth movie, which was delayed more than a couple of times.

Judging by the storyline, Last Blood will require everything from the iconic lead (via Geeks WorldWide): "Rambo teams up with a journalist to track down and rescue a group of local girls that have been kidnapped by a Mexican sex trafficking ring, after trying to settle down to a quiet peaceful life stateside at the family ranch in Arizona after spending decades abroad."

If this will be Stallone's curtain call as the badass Rambo, then he looks poised for a strong finish.


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