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The Lazy Man’s Workout Guide: Sitting Cardio #Deskercises!

Burn calories with these fun and easy exercises—while you're at work!
by Cia Juan | Sep 10, 2014
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You swear you'd wake up early to jog only to end up rolling around in bed the whole weekend. You promise to hit the gym after work but the traffic and MRT rush just suck up all your time and energy. We hear you.

If only you could build muscles while lying in bed, sitting on your office chair, or standing in the train… But what if we tell you: YOU CAN!

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The Lazy Man’s Workout Guide will teach you fun and easy exercises you can do while working, commuting, dragging yourself out of bed, or just killing time. Of course nothing beats the regular running and weight-lifting, but these simple moves and poses have been proven to burn calories and tone muscles like Pilates and yoga do. This week’s pick: #Deskercises (exercises you can do at your desk)!

Studies have shown that the most effective workout is one that combines cardio and weights. So, just like a regular exercise, let’s start with sitting cardios!

1)   The Drummer’s Cardio

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Did you know that any act of fidgeting (e.g. tapping your fingers, hands, or feet) can shed up to 350 calories per day? That's 10 pounds in five weeks!  Here are some office-appropriate ideas:

  • Tap your feet on the floor as fast as you can
  • Tap your fingers and hands on the desk too, as fast as you can
  • Do this for as long as you can
  • Time your first round and try to exceed it the second time
  • Shake your hands and feet once in a while to stretch them

2)   The Chair Zumba

What’s wrong with having some upper-body Zumba sesh while sitting on your chair? Nothing, but we can give you a lot of good reasons to do it, like burning fats, improving heart rate, releasing stress, feeling good, and the list goes on.

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  • Play workout music on your computer
  • Start your seated dancing!
  • Bang your head, shake your shoulders, throw your hands up in the air, sway from side to side, do whatever floats your boat!
  • Enjoy!   

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