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The Lean Man's Guide To Protein-Loading And Bulking Up

Gain weight and add muscle with this P200 high-protein meal plan
by Marjorie Duran | Aug 6, 2017
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We all have that one friend who is seemingly gifted with high metabolism from the fitness gods—he can enjoy unlimited rice and countless bags of chips all day, and not put on weight. While his buddies can blow up like a balloon by simply giving in to a slice of cake, this dude proves himself exceptional and enviable by defying all laws of calorie-intake and weight gain.

Yes, we’re talking about you, the skinny guy who never needs to worry about what to eat...or so they say. And yet here you are toiling because you want to beef up. The problem with that is, the process is as challenging as trimming down one’s waistline.

“Some people naturally have a tougher timegaining weight and adding muscle mass due to increased metabolism and genetics," says Neala Jayne M. Tan, RND. "But with exercise and a proper diet rich in protein, it’s possible.”

Ectomorphs have it hard, but as they always say, nothing is impossible if you try (to eat right, that is).

“Protein-rich food is good if you’re aiming to get buff. A diet consisting of protein of high biologic value, mainly from animal sources such as meat, fish, chicken, eggs, milk are good quality and better sources of protein. It would be better to select lean types of meat since red and processed are high in saturated fat,” Tan says.

But aside from loading up on protein, Tan cautions against underestimating the importance of carbohydrates and fats in muscle-building. “Carbohydrates are important for fueling our muscles and we need fats to supply energy to muscles during activity,” she explains.

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If you’re really looking to get ripped in no time, her advice is that you should always have chicken, egg, and yogurt stored in your fridge. Load up on these eats whenever the beast that is your stomach growls.

For a whole-day eating guide, refer to this P200 high-protein meal plan designed by Tan. Grow your muscle while also satisfying your taste buds:

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But don’t forget that in order to achieve your dream body, you need to go beyond watching out for your food intake. Remember: Exercise, combined with proper diet, is still key to emerging victorious in your fit journey.

“Muscle strengthening or resistance training exercises are beneficial," Tan says. "It would be better to check what type of exercise suits your condition and also to have proper training monitored by a professional.”


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