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This Puto Bumbong Will Make You Wish It Was Christmas All Year Round

We found the best Christmas treat…and it’s in San Juan
by Khatrina Bonagua | Oct 4, 2016
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Christmas is nearing. The feels of 13th month pay, long holiday leaves, reunions, and (unfortunately) traffic jams are slowly taking over everyone's consiousness. Of course, another thing that we’re looking forward to is completing Simbang Gabi, if only for the sweet treats we can get our hands on post-mass. A tried and tested favorite: Puto Bumbong, The violet-colored treat wrapped in banana leaves and served with sugar and shaved coconut.

If you can’t wait for December to enjoy this sticky dessert, we've found the best Puto Bumbong in the city...

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Where? Guevarra’s located along P. Guevarra Street in San Juan.  

Guevarra’s is known for its yummy offerings and homey ambiance. Balikbayans, foreigners, and just about anyone who is craving for good food flock to this restaurant to have a sample of  the culinary masterpieces of Chefs Roland and Jackie Laudico.

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Aside from the usual, delicious food that Guevarra’s offers (Roast Angus Beef Belly, Bagnet, Kare-Kare, Lechon), they serve a mean Puto Bumbong that would put other kakanin desserts to shame.

Again, for emphasis:

Served on a spoon, Guevarra’s Puto Bumbong may look small, but trust us, it’s big in taste.

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Rice, butter, coconut oil, muscovado sugar, and coconut—one bite and you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about. Each ingredient blends perfectly with each other to create a crunchy, sticky, sweet sensation that would put a smile on any diner's face. Guevarra’s Puto Bumbong is like the Christmas present you’ve been wishing for.


Here are other must-tries from their Yuletide menu.

For appetizers, munch on crostinis with Christmas Chicken Liver Parfait.

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Or go and enjoy the creamy goodness of their Christmas Macaroni Salad.

For the main dishes, there’s the melt-in-your mouth goodness of their Beef Morcon.

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And the cheesy, baked to perfection combination of Filipino meatloaf and pasta in the Embotido Lasagna Roll.

Of course, a Filipino meal wouldn’t be compete without rice; hence, the Christmas Paella. It's cooked with morsels of liempo, chicken, chorizo, and more...

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You know what goes perfectly with Guevarra’s Christmas Paella? This Roast Turkey:

Not into meat? Well the, try their Fish Mayonesa—baked whole fish with tartar dressing topped diced red and green bell pepper, carrots, and egg.

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For desserts, aside from the Puto Bumbong, there is also the Classic Christmas Pudding

And of course Puto Bumbong’s partner-in-crime, the Bibingka.

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Yep, Christmas just came way lot earlier thanks to Guevarra’s. BRB getting that Puto Bumbong.

Guevarra’s is located at 387 P. Guevarra cor. Argonnes St. Addition Hills, San Juan. For inquiries and reservations you may contact: 705-1811; 705-1874; 0917-311-2222. Or message them on Facebook.

Photos from Guevarra’s

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