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Training Tips from Elite Runners

You can run, you can't hide, but you can stride
| Mar 30, 2010
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It’s not everyday that a trend is made for the better. By saying better, we actually mean something good for you. [firstpara] Running, as a trend, has been the number one choice for those who aspire to be fit.

Even marketing brands has joined in the bandwagon by conducting fun runs and marathons, thus associating their products with the benefits from running.

While many of us want to run our way to fitness, running ala-Rio Dela Cruz isn’t really compulsory. Knowing your body’s limitations is extremely important.

Among the common frustrations with running, after all are over-fatigue and under-estimation of the sport. While we do know we’re no Lydia De Vega, we try anyway.

There are runners, and there are elite runners.

The goal is to find your comfort zone in your style of training. Run reasonably, if not comfortably. Fast tweaks in training motivate the mind to think that the hard parts are easy.

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Take it from our elite runners themselves. Most elite runners actually set their own pace, tweaking their training regimens depending on what suits them best, whether slightly or considerably.

Here are several tips from runners who have personalized classic training techniques – changing it from “hard and tiring” to “easy and comfortable.”

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