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Warm (And Limber) Up Before The Intense V-Day Lovemaking

You wouldn't want to cramp up or peter out in the middle of sexytime
by John Paulo Aguilera | Feb 13, 2018
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It's that time of the year again when flower prices skyrocket to an all-year high (only matched every November 1), Michele Ferrero is smiling from heaven, and certain establishments are operating at full occupancy.

Valentine's Day for most involves a great deal of cheesiness—from long, drawn-out Facebook wall posts to heavily staged public displays of affection. And more often than not, this couples' excuse to be sweeter to each other culminates in a heavy bout of sexytime.

FHM, you ever-reliable sexpert, listed five ideal workouts that will prep you for a night she'll never forget, with the help of Aldrich "Spikey" Nicdao, PTRP, Fitness Institute of Australia Certified fitness coach and Functional Fitness-Makati program manager. You wouldn't want to cramp up or peter out in the middle of your V-Day sesh.


The first thing that came to Nicdao's mind when asked about the matter was the multi-dimensional discipline. Yoga is perfect in training your ability to control ejaculation. In a 2015 Men's Health article, instructor Derek Beres explains, "You draw your 'energy'—your 'life force'—back to you." Chair and camel poses are a good start.

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The movements around the hip area are meant to build endurance, specifically in mastering the Kama Sutra (holding sex positions). Pelvic workouts also aid in managing orgasms. Meanwhile, losing weight from using kettlebells improves one's performance, aside from benefits in terms of metabolism and stability.

Pelvic bridge

Kettlebell swing



Soaring male hormone levels is key to an extended and exhilirating round of lovemaking. Nicdao emphasizes the following strength training methods, with squats best suited in increasing thrusting power, as well as jumpstart libido. Same goes with the deadlift, which leads to better blood flow and could even prevent impotence.




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