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How Your WWE Champions Put In The Work Outside The Ring

The gainz don't come easy for these muscular superstars
by John Paulo Aguilera | Mar 22, 2018
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Despite the world of professional wrestling being almost synonymous with doping controversies, no one can deny how dedicated its athletes are to reaching their physical peaks.

There's a reason big-name mixed martial artists like Ronda Rousey and the returning Brock Lesnar are all making the jump from the UFC to the WWE. Aside from the obviously enticing prospect of bigger money, these competitors still get to do their thing in a wrestling ring, while receiving optimal training and conditioning.

But a wrestler's workout only really starts when the lights go out in the arena. Check out how these in-ring rousers invest half of their lives into achieving the ultimate body built for destruction.

John Cena

We know the man doesn't have a championship belt right now, but he will forever be the People's Champ, which merits his place on this list. Despite his relatively average height, Cena is one of the most physically imposing dudes in WWE history with a ridiculous upper body. In recent years, he has traded his usual bodybuilding for compound powerlifting to "hold (himself) back from doing too much" and still progress, according to his personal trainer Rob MacIntyre.

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Brock Lesnar (WWE Universal Championship)

The crossover physical specimen once compared pro wrestling to MMA training, saying that their practices are "not even on the same planet." That doesn't mean The Beast is taking it easy when preparing for a WWE match and keeping in shape. In an interview with Muscle & Fitness, Lesnar shared his two-days-on, one-off strength training outside the daily cardio: "I have a push day where I do chest, shoulders, and triceps, and a pull day, which is back and biceps. Then a day of legs."

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The Miz (WWE Intercontinental Championship)

Do you remember seeing an underdeveloped Mike Mizanin slug it out with other aspiring wrestlers in the WWE reality show? The Tough Enough runner-up has come a long way from being an irritating host to a legitimate titleholder—the same concept applies to his now-ripped frame. The Miz also works with MacIntyre, who reportedly brought back deadlifts and squats and heavier weights, so the former could bulk up for in-ring competitions.


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AJ Styles (WWE Championship)

The high flyer and technical artist looks so different from his early days in Total Nonstop Action Wrestling. Maybe it's becuase he's 40 years old, but "Mr. TNA" has noticeably put on some weight after entering the WWE. Styles explained to Men's Health that he has to adjust his workout with age. "I'm not out to get bigger. I'm out to maintain what I've got. Sometimes that's doing a lot more reps, or doing heavy one week and light the next."

Randy Orton (WWE United States Championship)

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The third-generation talent has religiously maintained his scuplted physique since he debuted the iconic "Legend Killer" pose. In his official fansite, Orton talked about doing "three different exercises for each body part and five different leg exercises," then switching up exercises every three weeks "so the muscle doesn't plateau." He holds the distinction of having the fourth-most world championship victories ever, and deservedly so with the tremendous effort he's put in.


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