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Manny Pacquiao As DOT Spokesperson, Kim Jong-un’s Sex Potions, And 13 Other Things A Man Must Know This Week

Plus: Karel Marquez’s sizzling pre-nup pictures, a healthy-ish chocolate, and a bad side effect of space travel
by Mars Salazar | Dec 3, 2016
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Kick off the last month of 2016 with some excellent bits of man knowledge! Learn about healthy-ish chocolate, Manny Pacquiao's possible new gig, and a bad side effect of space travel in this week's edition of the 15 things you need to know. Get reading!


Liquid nitrogen is so much fun. Not only can you use it to make frozen treats, but you can also add it to liquids to make improvised rockets. Don't believe us? Check out this video:

You think flesh-eating creatures don't exist? Meet the New World screwworm, a flesh-eating worm rediscovered in the USA that can eat away at the body of any warm-blooded animal—yep, including humans. Sounds like a nightmare come true!

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If you're a cat person, watch out: a parasite carried by your feline friends called Toxoplasma gondii can rewire your sexual preferences, making you more open to bondage, S&M, and other unusual practices. How kinky!


The House Committee on Tourism is thinking about making Manny Pacquiao the spokesperson of the Department of Tourism's upcoming campaign due to his global popularity. You think the Pacman can convince tourists that “it's more pan in da Pilipins?”

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Dogs are the purest, gentlest creatures, and we don't deserve them. Just look at Ben the labrador, who goes  swimming in the sea every day just to spend time with his dolphin BFF Duggie. So precious.


You think going to space is all fun? Aside from the rigorous training required, spending time in space can also make your eyesight go bad due to the absence of gravity. Talk about a blind curve to our Mars colonization dreams!


Card Captor Sakura will soon be back on TV for a new story arc! We all had a bit of a crush on her (or her best friend Tomoyo) back in the day, so this makes our inner grade schoolers  happy. We hope Flame of Recca will be up next for a reboot!

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If you're one of the unlucky folks out there who can't pound hot sauce like a champ, too bad: the stuff's really good for your health. It's packed with anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and cancer-fighting properties, reducing one's chances of dying from dreaded diseases. Stock up on the Tabasco!


We may be divided about Marcos being buried in the Libingan ng mga Bayani, but we can probably all agree that Big Mac inventor Michael “Jim” Delligatti, who recently died at the age of 98, deserves a hero's burial for making a lot of tummies around the world happy for several decades. Have a feast up there in heaven, Jim!

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When Kim Jong-un's not plotting ways to blow up the world, the North Korean dictator likes thinking of ways to improve his countrymen's lives on a very, very personal level. For instance, he ordered the nation's scientists to create “sex potions” made of sea urchins, snake extracts, and alcohol-soaked mushrooms in a quest to keep the, erm, nuclear missiles of the North Korean men in top shape. Would you be brave enough to try it out?


H&M has done it again: its Wes Anderson-directed Christmas ad, which stars Oscar-winning, Halle Berry-kissing actor Adrien Brody, is a short film of epic heartwarming proportions. Check it out:


The thought of doing our business in a waterless toilet makes our nether regions very uncomfortable (what about the poop, guys?). But if Bill Gates thinks it's an idea worth investing into, then by all means, sign us up!


The Apple Campus 2 is our new dream workplace: set to open early next year, it's a gigantic building with 20,000 parking spaces, an underground auditorium,  a 100,000-square feet fitness center, and what we're guessing would be roomfuls of  awesome gadgets. Time to update your resumes!

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Judging by this extra sexy boudoir photo shoot, it's hard to believe that the newly-remarried Karel Marquez is already a mom of two. This momma's on fire, guys!


Some good news for chocoholics: Nestle says they have found a way to reduce the sugar in their chocolate products by 40% without altering the candies' taste. Time to indulge guilt-free!

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