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3 Ways To Succeed At Your New Job

Survival is different from thriving, in terms of employment
by Tanya Umali | Aug 30, 2016
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Job hunting nowadays is a difficult task, especially in the Philippines where the unemployment rate is at 6.1% as of April this year.

However, doesn't it feel amazing when you finally land one? If you just got the offer you were dreaming of, then congratulations!

Pretty exciting but also terrifying at the same time. Whether this is your first or 10th job, don't we all experience jitters on our first day? Just like when classes open, you don't know what to expect from your professors and classmates. Will you fit in? Will the teacher know what he or she is going to talk about?

Workplace adjustments don't happen in the blink of an eye, but just to minimize the anxiety and the overwhelming feeling of your new tasks, here are some things to keep in mind while working on succeeding in your new profession:

1) Don't be too relaxed just because you're now employed

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The difficult part is only beginning. You need to be proactive and have a CEO mindset. It's not just a matter of simply obeying your boss; also think of the opportunities present. Build rapport with the people you interact with. Having the mentality of a head honcho means that you're not only working for the sake of getting paid but also for a better future and career advancement.

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2) Learn from your colleagues

Instead of simply grabbing lunch with your new officemates, why not learn from their daily routine? Request a bit of their time and observe how they approach with tasks. Not only is this a great way to get acquainted, it's also a tutorial on how things go about in your new office. Each new knowledge from your co-workers can be reinvented and taken a step further. Build your network of friends and gain their trust by asking for assistance. You seeking their help is flattering to them. Nothing adds more value to one's work and worth than being seen as mentors to others

3) Not all is well

Just because your boss is tight-lipped doesn't mean that you're doing nothing wrong. Sitting around, waiting for your evaluation is the worst way to know your standing in the company. Remember that apart from your job description, it is also your responsibility to be curious of your own performance. And no one knows this better than your own boss. Plus, asking your superior on your areas of improvement will aid you in finishing work faster. Most of the time, following your boss' advice is fail-proof.

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Change is scary but it's for the best. Sticking to what you're good at isn't enough. Better yourself and your skill set as time passes by.

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