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5 Dude-Approved Stay-At-Home Activities This Summer

So, for some reason, you'll be ditching the beach.<em> Iyak na lang</em>? Nope, because there are many stay-at-home activities you can do for an epic time this summer!
by Neps Firmalan | Mar 27, 2014
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The heat and pictures of scantily-clad babes tell us one thing: Summer na, mga pre!

'Tis the season when you and your bros usually plan to go where the sand meets the waves (check out these awesome beaches we bet you've never been to). The whole thing is almost cliché actually.

But what if you're planning to wait it all out in your crib? It could be because of the ever-present budget constraints, or you just want to go all hipster-y and go against the usual mandate of soaking up the sun's rays when summer arrives. Is staying at home when the rest of the populace is out all that bad?

The short answer? A big bowl of NOPE.

Because, in truth (and despite of your friends' heckling), there's nothing wrong with going against the flow, whether by force or by choice. In fact, it could be way, way cooler, especially if you'll do these dude-approved stay-at-home activities. Another bonus: Iwas sunburn!


So we thought of another reason why you might skip the waves: you're insecure of your bod that's only ten-percent beach ready. If that's the case or you just want to stay in shape without spending the big bucks, why don't you burn your baby fats at home? No rent, no judging eyes from buff gym goers, libre pa ang juice!

summer home activitiesAnd you can act like this without worries!

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You don't have to go all hardcore; just a few simple exercises will do the trick. Focus on the ones you can do comfortably at home: push-ups, sit-ups, bicep curls, and jumping jacks, to name a few. Actually building your own gym could take the whole summer, not to mention drain you of moolah.

summer home activities

FHM recommends: Buy a pair of dumbbells and at least three pairs of weight plates (for beginners, start at five kilos). Because of the size, you'll have minimal probs in terms of where to use it (i.e. you can do curls while watching your fave soaps). You also won't spend a heap, as a starter set (four weight plates, two metal rods) can be as cheap as P2,500.


All that time spent on the couch can be used for another cool, musical endeavor instead: learning to play a new instrument. It could be anythingfrom the humble ukelele to the classy violinjust as long as you'll be dedicated enough to pursue it (and setting it up won't be a bigger trouble than what it's worth).

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summer home activities

Your room is the almost-perfect setting for the musically inclined (i.e. you can play as awfully without the hiya factor since you're all alone). And again, no rental fees! The only thing that's missing? An instructorbut what good is YouTube if you won't use its powers, right?

FHM recommends: Focus on only one instrument this summer. If it's the walang kamatayang gitara, then gitara it is for the next few months. Choose wisely, as constantly switching will do no good to your learning curve.

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