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Ditch These 10 Bad Habits For A Better You In 2017

Because some practices are better left behind
by Tanya Umali | Dec 29, 2016
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Every new year, majority of us prepare a list of resolutions. Most of what's included in the list are things which will improve your overall well-being, health, and way of living. It can range from starting a new diet, exercising every day, and saving enough money to get through to the year. 

Even if that's the case, some people forget to include removing bad habits from their lives, probably because they're a bit more difficult to do. 

Below are a few things you should stop doing by 2017 in order to become a way better version of your 2016 self:

1) Impulsive web browsing

Checking your Facebook or Instagram can be highly addictive but be aware that there's always a time for you to browse through your newsfeed. "Give yourself at least 15 minutes, three times a day to check your social media accounts," says career coach and advisor Bernadette Ocampo of Career Consultants, Inc.

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2) Complaining

"Instead of increasing your stress due to complaints, just think of the good things that happened to you throughout the day," Ms. Ocampo suggests. "Once you change the way you think, from bad to good, everything else will follow."

3) Multi-tasking

Contrary to popular belief, multi-tasking is not a good habit. According to some studies, only two percent of the entire population are good at multi-tasking. So, if you're not part of the two percent, which is highly likely, then you're better off not doing it. Choose to do things one at a time according to importance.

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4) Hitting the snooze button

Every one knows this isn't such a good habit. Though those extra Zs might feel good, you'll just end up draining your energy and feeling lazy once you actually have to wake up. "Practice waking up when you hear your phone alarm once," says Ocampo. "It will save you time and energy in preparing for work."

Check out this video from ASAP Science to convince you to wake up at once:

5) Making excuses

"Not only are you stressing yourself out by thinking of a good excuse, but you're also stressing out your boss who will actually have to hear you out," according to Ms. Ocampo. Seeing the stress on their face will result to more stress on your part. 


6) Negative thoughts

Negative thoughts won't lead to anything productive. Instead, she suggests that you focus on the current task at hand. 

7) Sitting all day

Get up from your chair and walk around the office once in a while. Let's face it, it's not really healthy, both physically and mentally, when you sit down all day in front of your computer. Watch this TED talk by business consultant Nilofer Merchant about maximizing your time through walking. This includes even conducting meetings while walking. 

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8) Thinking too much of your daily schedule

According to time management expert Laura Vanderkam, you should think about the time you have to get things done in terms of weeks and not per day. This is known as the 24-hour trap. Vanderkam says that since there are not enoguh hours in a day, you should expand your time-thinking into weeks instead.

9) Failing to prioritize 

In relation to multi-tasking, you should know what tasks you need to accomplish first. "Skip doing the most important project late in the afternoon and start doing it first thing in the morning instead, no matter how difficult it is," Ocampo notes. 

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10) Rewarding yourself too much

Also known as moral licensing, this is the habit of giving yourself small treats from accomplishing small tasks such as being able to go on a diet for a week or making it to work on time for a full month. Ditch this habit because it seems as though you're forcing yourself to do something that is totally against your will, thus the need to reward yourself. 

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