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10 Common Condom Mistakes That Can Get Your Girl Pregnant

These rubbery slip-ups can make you a daddy!
by Ron Jay Eduvas | Jan 22, 2016
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Using condoms has been one of the most convenient methods of practicing safe sex. After all, wearing rubber saves us from getting sex-related diseases and unwanted pregnancy.

However, just because you’re armed with this handy contraceptive doesn’t automatically mean that you won’t get her knocked up. Some guys (though no one would admit) tend to mishandle the power of this magic rubber.

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In an interview with Daily Mail Online, men's sexual health expert Dr. Paul Turek of The Turek Clinic in California revealed the most common mistakes men make when using a condom.

And since we're all (expectedly) curious, we took down notes and, together with our own condom knowledge, listed down the 10 most common condom mistakes.

Scroll down quick if you’re about to put on one!

1) Putting the wrong side on

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AKA inside-out. If you're no condom virgin, then you can definitely tell which side is which. Besides, rolling it up the other way is quite difficult. Mostly for flavored ones, the inner part of the condom has that smooth yet powdery feel, so that's your hint.

Most rubbers also contain spermicide. It's a contraceptive substance that kills or disables sperm so it won't be able to reach the uterus. Rolling it out the wrong way would render it useless.

2) Putting it on late

Excluding quickies, the road to sex doesn't really begin when you stick it in. Lots of teasing and foreplay comes first—which don't really require you to wear a condom. That's unless the teasing part includes momentarily inserting your penis inside her vagina, hence a penetration.

Doing so could result to premature ejaculation. Pre-cum could contain sperm which means it can get your girl pregnant.

So the next time you play bedroom games, you might want to ready the rubber and not wait on wrapping your tool before it's too late.

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3) Putting it on while you're still soft

However, putting it too soon and while your stick still isn't hard enough can also lead to a pregnant girl. You see, this can cause the condom to slip or move out of place once your penis gets erect, causing spillage of your man juice.

Or worse, leaving the condom inside her. It happens.

4) Double-bagging

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...or wearing two condoms in one go. In theory, it should be safer right? Unfortunately, it isn't.

Wearing more than one significantly lessens the feeling of having sex. It constricts your penis—tightening it enough to make you lose a bit of sexual sensation.

But having blue balls isn't the only hazard of double-bagging. Friction can rip or tear one or both condoms, allowing sperm to escape.


5) Leaving it on too long

Intercourse is a tiring affair. Sometimes you just want to lay flat on your bed after a good, steamy session. And sometimes you're also getting too damn lazy to get up and dispose the rubber still on your tool.

This allows the ejaculated sperm to get back in and possibly enter your urethra (the passage of urine and sperm). Leftover sperm could end up getting mixed with pre-ejaculate fluid. Unknowingly, you can get you girl pregnant even before you finish round two.

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6) Rolling it all the way before even using it

Some dudes like to roll out their condoms before using it. This makes the process of wearing it even more difficult. It can also cause the rubber to break even before you put it on your penis.

So please stop having illusions that it won't cover the length of your junior.

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7) Using expired condoms

Using anything beyond its expiration date is bad, including condoms.

If it's well beyond due date, its quality has already regressed. This means its rubber or latex has dried out, making the whole thing vulnerable to cracks and holes.

8) Not choosing the right size

If you're small, choose small. No need to pretend and go for XL even though it's five times over your size.

If a man is wearing a condom that’s too large, the rubber could fall or roll off. When it's too small, then it's going to break.

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9 Recycling a condom

Not all things can be recycled. Exhibit A: Condoms.

Reusing condoms isn't only gross and unhygienic, it can also get your girl pregnant. Unless you wash the condom with soap and leave it to dry for five days (DON'T), leftover sperm can stay alive on it, and their hopes of reaching the egg still very much, well, alive.

10) Keeping it in your wallet for too long

Most dudes carry magic rubbers inside their wallets. Sometimes we even forget that it's there. 

The constant grinding caused by everyday wallet use produces friction which can weaken the condom's structure.

Also, you never know when someone will punk you and put some holes on it. Some people find that funny.


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