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Cool Shit Guys Want: The KD VI, Mio Heart-rate Watches, Thule Bags and More

We are living in a material world, and this list lets you know that.
by Gelo Gonzales | Jul 16, 2013
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With gobs and gobs of women on these pages, it sometimes appears that that’s all we want. Not true.  

We’re also slaves to wonderful life-philosophies called unabated consumerism and worldly materialism. New shoes? New bags? New watches? We want ‘em all…as far as our wallet permits. And if our wallets don’t agree? Well, we still want ‘em—aspirationally at least.

So, if you’ve got spare money lying around the floor around your bed, you might want to check our roundup of the cool things that we want for the month of July in the gallery below. The best things in life aren't free, but these things are pretty awesome, too.

Let’s start with…

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