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Cool Stuff We Want Right Now: Awesome Self-Defense Gizmos, Quirky Wearables, And A Steamy Comic Book!

We'd hoard this goodies STAT...if money and availability were non-issues!
by KC Calpo | Feb 27, 2015
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Welcome to the second installment of our new Cool Stuff We Want Right Now series!

Like what we did with the first one, let's pretend that we actually have enough money, that product availability won't be a problem, and that your S.O. will completely approve of every purchase you make.

(That last one. Please make it happen, bae.)

Let's get it on, then. A load of cool stuff, coming right up!


cool stuff we want

For those who translate the phrase "pick your battles" to its most literal sense—you better make sure you're prepared if and when you throw down. We'd like to have a Pointie Tactical Marker or a Yellow Jacket Phone Case with us for those moments of (imagined) badassery. The “fake Sharpie” Pointie lets you break things and stab attackers, while the Yellow Jacket stuns your potential iPhone thief (again, literally). 

The Pointie Tactical Marker's Indiegogo fund-raising campaign will run for six more days (SRPs are still TBA), and prices for Yellow Jacket cases start at $59 (around P2,600).


cool stuff we wantImage via Society6.com

You may be a grown-ass man now, but there are certain cases wherein you're totally allowed to regress. Tuck in with Boo! Studio's Pixel Nostalgia Duvet Cover, available at online retailer Society6. Johnny Bravo, the Hulk, Wolverine, Thor, Cap, Superman, Rogue, Ninja Turtles...they're all there, and in 8-bit form. Sexy.

This one-of-a-kind cartoony duvet is available online in King, Queen, and Full sizes and starts at $89 (around P3,900).


cool stuff we wantImage via Cnet.com

Dell's popular XPS 13 laptop got an update this year, in the form of an “infinity display” which is geek speak for it having an almost borderless screen. This ultrabook is getting rave reviews so far by virtue of its sleek frame and powerful innards (it comes with up to 8GB RAM and the latest Intel Core chips), and we're wondering if and when we'd get to lay our hands on one, too. #InggitMuch

For those in the States though, this beaut starts at $799 (around P35,200).


cool stuff we wantImage via Nbcnews.com

We're all for gaming consoles and apps, but we're also down with devices that let you play just one awesome game. Scrabble players, get your hands on the $19.99 (around P900) Scrabble Twist, a techie take on the popular word game. Instead of tiles and a board, you make words using a handheld device that displays five letters. Twist the end of the device to signify that you've finalized your answer and pass it to the next player. Easy-peasy and convenient.

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cool stuff we wantImage via Cdr.cz

We know it looks like it's just a round object rolling around in a park, but the GuardBot does much, much more than act like a drunken fiend. The "spherical amphibious robotic vehicle system" is comfortable in water and various land surfaces, runs for up to eight hours per charge, and is made for "military, homeland security, and commercial applications" (which means it's not available for retail). Serious stuff, but we bet our beloved bantay and muning will have a heyday playing with it as well.


cool stuff we wantImage via Entertainmentearth.com

Sometimes we think getting stuck on the road for hours will be enough to turn us into bonafide zombies. Like Gory Gary and Sick Suzie, a.k.a. these Fanwraps zombie decals or “window buddies.” Get your new undead friends online and zombify your ride with some undead eye-candy for $29.99 (around P1,300).


Speaking of eye-candy on the road, check out this wild whip: the Aston Martin Vulcan supercar. Keywords: 7.0-litre V12 petrol engine, 800bhp, all-carbon fiber body, 24-unit availability.

Video via Aston Martin


We really wish we had $2.33 million (around P101 million) lying around somewhere. And we promise we won't put any decals on this high-class speedster.


Video via LeathermanMedia

Goodbye, trusty old toolbox. Hello, Leatherman Tread! This bracelet is crafted so that you have 25 tools all linked together and wrapped around your manly, DIY-ing wrist. It's also travel-friendly, which means you (probably) won't get stopped by airport security while wearing it.

What a (multi)tool.

Prices start at $150 (around P6,600) for the Leatherman Tread which is currently tagged as "coming soon."


cool stuff we wantImage via Imagecomics.com

Two people discover that they can stop time whenever they have orgasms. Gents, it's time for you to read Sex Criminals, and not just because of that premise. The second volume of this smartly-written, sex-positive and feminist comedy series from Image Comics came out just two days ago, so head to this site and place your orders (available for $14.99 or around P660).


cool stuff we wantImage via Asus.com

Gamer bros, it's finally here!

Unveiled last year, the ASUS GR8 gaming desktop has finally reached local shores with a P57,990 sticker price. For that price, you get a small and sleek machine made to handle Full-HD gaming, online or off.

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Goodbye, sunlight and society. We'll see you next month, maybe.


cool stuff we want

While we wait for the next gruesome, cruel, brutal and head-busting season of Game of Thrones to start (two more months, guys, we can do this), here are two unofficial merch that can tide us over: a GoT-themed Monopoly set, and two cool flash drives—Stark- and Targaryen-friendly. The Monopoly set's priced at $59.99 (around P2,600), while the drives can be purchased over at ThinkGeek.com for $29.99 (around P1,3000) each.

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