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Cool Stuff We Want Right Now: An 'Affordable' Supercar, Night Vision Eye-Drops, And The Most Awesome Razors Ever!

Time for another round of wallet-checking and wishful thinking!
by KC Calpo | Apr 10, 2015
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We're back after the APEC 2015 break—and getting right back to business!

For this week's edition of Cool Stuff We Want Right Now, we go apeshit over another round of niceties that makes us check that empty, dirty thing called our wallet in the hopes of having enough money to actually buy them. We also wish all of them make their way to local shores within the year—or okay, even the next. We can wait.

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But we're not just thinking about ourselves this time around. We spotted something the ladies will absolutely love, as well as products perfect for your group's tambay nights. We also got something that lets you dabble in basic animation, plus yet another el cheapo masterpiece from CD-R King.

But enough talk. Let's get it on!


You've got a myriad of ways to pimp out and protect your precious MacBook or MacBook Air's lid. Our advice: forget about all of them. Then think of only one product: the clip-on Brik Case. It's compatible with Mac lappies made 2013 or later, and you can customize your case's design with pieces from toy-brick-making brands such as LEGO, Mega Bloks, PixelBlocks, KRE-O, or K'NEX.

cool stuff we want

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The Brik Case has already acquired full funding via Kickstarter, but you can still chip in, at least until April 25. As of today, you can pledge from $35 (around P1,500) to $1,000 (around P44,400) or even higher, with different rewards for each bracket. The makers are aiming for an August 2015 delivery date.


Unlike most people, we actually like the dark. Love it, even. (And we're not even touching on all the naughty stuff we can do in it, huehuehue). The most obvious problem with literally being in the dark? Severely limited vision. And there will be instances where flashlights, lightsticks, or headlamps won't be enough to light shit up.

But what if you can ditch all the lighting gear and just use a specialized eye drop to see in the dark? A California-based "citizen science" group named Science for the Masses has developed night-vision eye drops that immediately give a person the ability to see up to 50 meters in really dark environments. The eye drop has Chlorin e6 as its main component, which is found in deep-sea fish.

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cool stuff we want

The mental image of that photo won't be going away soon, but you have to admit, the idea's pretty cool. There's no retail-ready version (yet?), and the effect isn't permanent. The test subject had night vision only for a few hours, and regained human-grade sight the next day. Good enough for us!

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The search is over. Here's the birthday or Christmas gift that will elevate you to Cool Tito status among the kids: the BusyBody. By changing the rubber figures' poses and spinning the "magic mirror" or turntable, you create your own animations.

The BusyBody is perfect for kids curious about general human movement, and/or getting a glimpse of how each frame in their favorite stop-motion animation films is made. It's also 100-percent analog, a rarity for toys these days. Okay, Cool Tito, you can use it, too.

You can buy it online via Eye Think Inc. for $24.95 (around P1,100) minus shipping and customs fees.


Well, we guess for a supercar, $184,900 (around P8.2 million) is considered affordable. That's the price tag for the upcoming curvy and speedy McLaren 570S. It's a two-seater, 2,800-pound carbon-fiber screamer with a 3.8-liter V8 engine, 562 horsepower, and 3.2-second sprint time.

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Watch its unveiling video from the 2015 New York International Auto Show below:

If the price is still too steep for you, McLaren will also out a “cheaper” version named 540C, with a $160,000 price estimate (equivalent to P7.1 million). Mmmkay.


What have you done to your old gadgets and gaming consoles? Did you throw them away, give them to an accredited electronic recycling facility, or just stash them in a storage room or closet? If you answered the latter, and if you're the tinkering type, get your old Game Boy out ASAP and try to do what a dude named Dmitry Morozov did: combine an old Game Boy, a toy gun, a thermal printer, a few more parts to create the Game Boy Photo Gun Printer.

Putting old toys to good use, and producing 8-bit photos. Charming. Unfortunately, it's not for sale.


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We're pretty sure you can't throw this clock off your nightstand. You can, however, throw your money at the clock, a.k.a. the aptly named Coolest Clock. This wall-mounted projection clock tells the time (duh), but also shows you and anyone in the room a variety of details: from Facebook and Twitter posts to daily schedules to weather reports and breaking news and sports updates, and even your location as well as your family members'. Cool. And that last one: kinda Big Brother-ish.

You must shell out $199 (around P9,000) for one Coolest Clock, inclusive of international shipping. The downside? You'll have to wait until December 2015 for product delivery.


Attention, violinists: Your musical instrument of choice has just been redesigned. Radically. And its aesthetics reminds us a bit of a next-gen, doom-spewing laser gun.

cool stuff we want

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The Piezoelectric Violin, made by MONAD Studio, is notable for two main things: It's fully 3D-printed and comes with only two strings. And again, it's not available for purchase: This violin's part of an art installation for this year's 3D Print Design Show, to be held next week in NYC.


If you're tired of going with your girlfriend or wife on her shoe-shopping trips (and carrying all the shopping bags!), or if you're secretly wishing she'd trim her shoe collection just a bit, this next cool find's for you.

The company to thank? Tanya Heath Paris. Your SO can transform her Tanya Heath flats into veritable male toe-crushers with removable heels. All they need to do is slide their chosen heel into place underneath the shoe, and press a small button in the shoe to remove it. Genius! The company also offers multiple shoe and heel types for your girl, so she won't be limited to just one look.

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cool stuff we want

Time to cringe, boys. Prices for Tanya Heath shoes start at 360 euros (around P17,000), and 30 euros (around P1,400) for heels.


Up your cocktail-making game with the Layering Master! This multifunctional 5-in-1 kit helps you create awesome layered cocktails, and lets you bring out your inner mixologist (and actually look legit).

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Kickstarter backers can pledge for either the basic Layering Master or the Party Master Kit, the latter coming with additional drink-making tools and essentials. You'll also receive a Unique Cocktails Menu that contains 27 drink recipes, regardless of which product you choose.

cool stuff we want

There are 18 days left in their Kickstarter campaign, but your pledge options are starting to thin out. Right now, you can pledge from $29 (around P1,300) for a single Layering Master, to $69 (around P3,000) for a Party Master Kit. Kampai!

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We know it's getting too hot these days for quilts, and that we've featured nerdy bedding before. But... #sorrynotsorry.

cool stuff we want

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