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More Reasons To Shave, How To Remove Man Boobs, And 11 Other Things To Fitspire You This Week!

Gunning for a leaner, meaner, and healthier you? Read on!
by Mars Salazar | Sep 7, 2015
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It’s never too late to be on your way to a healthier lifestyle, gents! If you’re gunning for a fitter, better you, here's a fresh dose of handy tips and tricks to help you achieve a leaner, meaner, and stronger (inside and out) bod.

Read on for a load of things that should #fitspire you this week!

Three percent of your total body weight may not seem like much, but if you’re looking to lose extra pounds, it’s a pretty big deal. And yep, you can totally shave off that number by dieting only five days a month, for five straight days. Eat low-protein, high fat food totaling 1,100 calories on the first day, then consume only 725 calories on the next four.  It sounds insane, but it apparently works!

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Here are two good reasons to pick up that razor on a daily basis: one, it’s freaking hot here inPinas, and two, guys who shave once a day are apparently nearly 40-percent happier than their bearded counterparts. Let go of that goatee, bros.

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While we absolutely support your unli-rice habit on extra stressful days, we’re all for making healthier carb choices when it’s not crunch time. That said, substitute brown rice, quinoa, or even oats when you’re cooking at home—these can help lower cholesterol, decrease the risk of diabetes, improve your bowel movement, and protect against some cancers.

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Here’s an all-natural way to drop your high blood woes: get some grapes. The polyphenols in the fruit apparently help relax blood vessels, easing the flow of blood.

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Maximize the results of your buwis-buhay CrossFit regimen by munching on some beets and peaches prior to your workout. Beets promote better blood flow while peaches provide healthy carbs for added energy.

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Want to maintain a Bora-ready body all year long? Follow Chris Tiu’s advice and hire a personal trainer. "Having someone coach you will help you stay motivated," says the Rain or Shine guard.

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Good ol' missionary may be too vanilla for some, but it’s much safer for your penis than, say, woman on top, which has a 50-percent chance of fracturing the little guy (aray!.). Ride with caution, ladies.

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Got a bigger pair of (man)boobs than your girl? Revamp your lifestyle: eat healthy, drink lots of water, get lots of sleep, and maintain proper posture. Finally, work out your pecs: do a handful of reps of pull-ups, bench presses, and burpees on a regular basis, and those unwanted funbags will disappear.

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As if we weren’t already impressed with Alyssa Valdez, the Atenean volleybelle just made us like her even more when she put one of her jerseys up for auction for the benefit of cancer-stricken pastry chef Hasset Go. How can you not love her?

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Up your planks’ effectiveness with this tough twist: tense all your muscles, and breathe through your nose, making sure to inhale and exhale as forcefully as you could. Repeat for as many reps as you can—see if you can go past five!

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We here at FHM love ourselves some strong, talented women (case in point: Ronda Rousey). Here’s another one to add to our list: Paige VanZant, who destroyed her opponent Alex Chambers at UFC 191. And did we mention she’s also smokin’ hot?

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Guys, take note of your moles: if you’re growing new spots past your mid-30s, you better have ‘em checked out by your doctor as they might be a sign of skin cancer. Be extra vigilant if it itches, bleeds, or hurts, because that’s not what moles normally do.

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This cyclist just executed one of the most insane BMX tricks we’ve ever seen. Watch it—it’s seriously jaw-dropping stuff!

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