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These Four Women Make Up This Week's #FHMOfficeCrush

Prepare to go gaga over these beautiful ladies!
by Mary Rose A. Hogaza | Apr 18, 2016
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Every office has its rose among the thorns, the lamb among the wolves, the white sheep among the black sheep, the Wonder Woman among the goons—the #FHMOfficeCrush.

This week, we feature four ladies who can surely take away your Monday blues.

TIN, secretary at Philippine Transmarine Carriers

SENDER SAYS: "She's a very strong-willed woman and family-oriented. She was a working student in college. She was able to handle her studies and office duties at the same time."
Sent in by Earl on April 7

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, liaison officer at Government Service Insurance System 

SENDER SAYS: "She's a very good singer. Look for her Facebook page and you'll find a lot of songs she's covered."
Sent in by Carl on April 17


JEN, operations supervisor at ADP Philippines Inc.

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SENDER SAYS: "She used to be a part-time makeup artist. She keeps herself busy by watching makeup tutorials online. She is very outgoing and is very vocal about her ideas in the office. She always like trying new things from archery to riding big bikes."
Sent in by Nani on February 23

, account manager at MyPhone

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SENDER SAYS: "She is the best 'best friend' you could possibly have. She knows how to be fair. She likes clothes, bags, watch, and accessories. To make it short, she loves fashion."
Sent in by Sarah on April 7

We urge you to share the ones from your own office!

Here's how to do it:

1) Send her photo to our Facebook page. Include her name, your company, her designation, and the hashtag #FHMOfficeCrush. Or...

2) Post her photo on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #FHMOfficeCrush. (If that seems awkward, ask a friend of hers to post on the office's behalf!)

3) No incriminating photos, please. Choose a well-lit image that highlights "her crush-worthiness."

4) Wait for us to select a new #FHMOfficeCrush batch, which we'll feature on the site!


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