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10 Father's Day Gift Ideas Your Dad Will Actually Like

Time to give the <em>erpats</em> something he can really use!
by Mary Rose A. Hogaza | Jun 21, 2015
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You won't be here right now reading this if not for your father's sperm. And if he didn't work hard enough, you probably won't be enjoying the luxuries you now have. Long story short, you owe him big time! So it would be really nice to surprise him on Father's Day, yes? He deserves it!

Sure, you could just get him another "World’s Best Dad" mug or a shirt you just grabbed in a shop without even checking out the design. But why not get him something that would really make him happy? Something useful or something he can even brag about to his friends? The cost might break your wallet (or might take you some time to build it) but it's surely going to be worth it once you see that unforced, "only-doing-it-so-you-won't-feel-bad" smile on his face.

So, what should you get him? *crickets*

Well, that's why we're here. Here are some Father's Day gift ideas your dad will actually like!


Forget rubber and running shoes. We are pretty sure he already has a lot of those. Get him a nice pair of loafers instead. It's always nice to see our dads looking fashionable, right? He can use it for work, parties (if he still grooves), and regular strolls.

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Babies can get a swing, why not dads? While he's off to somewhere, install a hammock in the backyard. He'll surely love the idea of getting some fresh air on it especially once the weather's not hitting baskil levels.

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We are pretty sure your dad's tight schedule doesn't give him much time to shop for new underwear. So do him a solid and do the chore for him. He'll surely be happy to say goodbye to his old, bacon briefs.

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Sure, half of the year has already passed. But if you've noticed that he is becoming a tad more forgetful, a planner could be of great help.

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Is dad already retired? Does he have anything to keep himself busy or entertained? None? Buy him a new smartphone or tablet. Then, install games and social media apps on it he can use to pass some time and stay connected. It doesn't have to be the most expensive one out there, just make sure it's not something with 2010 hardware.

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If you have more than enough money, buy him a plane ticket to his dream destination, somewhere he really, really wants to go. After all, he probably wasn't able to go there because he had to save money so you can eat three times a day and send you to a good school.

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The element of surprise is gone but at least he's happy with your gift because it is what he really wants. But make sure you have enough money with you when you take him to the mall. We don't want pops to be disappointed now, do we?

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