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8 Aphrodisiacs You Can Probably Find Inside Your Fridge

Essential knowledge when planning your (horny) grocery list
by Chise Alcantara | May 21, 2018
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People hear the word aphrodisiacs and think exotic food like monkey brain or pinatuyong itlog ng kabayo, not to mention how difficult to gather ingredients.

But you don't actually need to talk to that sketchy lady in Quiapo who stares at you while holding a bottle labeled pampatigas ng tuhod if you want to get the wife and yourself in the mood for some after-dinner activities. We're saying common aphrodisiacs you never knew about could be lying in your fridge.

We talked to Fia Batua, aka MissFia, from MSF Sports Nutritionist and Dietitian and had her scour the household for some sex-boosting sustenance.

Any alcohol

It isn't surprising that liquor can cause one to make more adventurous decisions. "Alcohol is a depressant. It helps relax your muscles and nervous system that might get a person in the mood," says MissFia. But be sure to drink moderately because "too much alcohol consumption may cause erectile dysfunction."

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Dark chocolate

We're not even talking kinky like pouring syrup all over your partner's body—though that can be fun. Dark chocolate, preferably 70%, is the way to go, according to MissFia. "Substances found in cacao, relaxes muscles, sets up temper, and eases tension in the mind. It promotes the production of happy hormones called serotonin," she adds. "It also contains the natural stimulant theobromine. A few bites can help boost the passion and your love for someone."

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Not only are eggs cheap, they also provide a lot of protein and are healthy when eaten in moderation. MissFia explains, "Consuming egg yolks may mimic the feeling of rush or overwhelming feeling because of a sudden increase in blood pressure, which may increase a person's libido." But before you go stuffing eggs into your mouth or your partner's, she warns that "excessive intake may trigger other health risks like cardiovascular diseases."

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There's a reason spicy food makes people hot and bothered. "Chillies stimulate endorphins (which also triggers a positive feeling in the body, similar to that of morphine), increase heart rate, and make you sweat—just like how it feels when someone is aroused." Just promise to brush your teeth before you do anything kinky with your mouths.[



Another cheap source of energy. "They are rich in potassium and B vitamins that elevate activity levels," MissFia says. Apparently, they aren't only good for post-workout sessions in the gym, but they also work wonders for pre-workout sessions in the bedroom. 

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Fig Newtons

These pastries are tasty and its iron content has a lot of benefits if you really have to snack on something. "Iron is important when it comes to providing oxygen to the body. It keeps us alert, but I recommend eating real figs instead to avoid excessive sugar consumption," she clarifies.

Dark leafy vegetables, like malunggay and kangkong

Who knew that being "green-minded" when it comes to your diet choices could also aid your sex life? MissFia recommends that you maintain your greens every mealtime: "Green leafy vegetables are packed with B vitamins (energy vitamins) that supply you with energy."

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Black coffee and unsweetened tea

A bit of caffeine can perk both of you up, especially if you're looking to have a quick session. She  explains, "Caffeine can boost your energy, but only for a short period of time. The first sips in particular will give you a bang."


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