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#PARKibig: The Gospel Of Love According To Jinri Park

<em>FHM</em>'s favorite <em>Koreana</em> is ready to solve your love problems!
by John Paulo Aguilera | Apr 15, 2015
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Jinri Park has really come a long way since first gracing our pages in 2011.

From being a consistent placer in the 100 Sexiest List, which eventually carried over into being an FHM columnist and cover girl, she has successfully crossed over to other media—playing Vic Sotto's love interest on Vampire Ang Daddy Ko—and even came up with a couple of hit gravure photobooks.

Now, aside from being a radio DJ, Jinri also busies herself with the web series JINRIlationships: A Survival Guide to the Dating Life, which is basically 70 percent of her personal dating misadventures in the form of seven to 10-minute webisodes. Produced by TV5's online channel, Digital5, the series brushes up on various dating dilemmas such as running into an old flame, being in a relationship limbo, and flixting (flirt texting)—we know, may term na pala para run?

FHM recently made silay on Jinri on the show's set and had the chance to catch up with her...and watch her gorging on a cake.

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jinri park candid

We also asked her about L-O-V-E and the many complicated things connected to it. Below are Ms. #PARKibig's take on matters of the heart, dating, and what you should do to not be #foreveralone!

On the perfect jumping-off point

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"Friendship turned into a boyfriend is ideal for me. But of course, it doesn't happen like that every time. So you might wanna build a strong friendship first and then slowly become lovers. I think friendship is so important even with a marriage—that keeps the love going."

On the ideal first date

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"I would love to fly out of the country—of course I won't pay for it! Ha ha ha! I also wanna go to Palawan, then relax on the beach and enjoy water sports."

On how to nurture a relationship

"The key is to constantly work on it. You always have to talk. Sometimes, you have to let down your pride and give in. Other times, you have to go with your pride and let the person give in to you first. It’s always going to be a work in progress, and it never ends."

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On how not to be #bitter

"Let's say there's no third party, just that one had to go abroad or some other reason that isn’t that bad, I think that it’s good to keep in touch with your ex. Some people say that’s a no-no, but for me, because you’ve been with that person for months or years, I think they have the right to be your friend—you don't have to hate each other."

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On moving on

"Time, that’s it. You can do so many things but only time will heal that pain on your chest."

On how much you should put into a relationship

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"Always out in a hundred percent. That’s why when I go through a breakup, I’m that girl wo gets I can’t do anything, I have such a hard time because I put a lot into it (relationship). I mean, you never know. And you'll never know if you'll never try."

On surefire turn-offs

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"Flashy guys. Second would be rude guys, who are inconsiderate of other people, especially those who work for them. I want someone who treats other people well"

And her turn-ons

"Someone who has a goal in life, who is purpose-driven. Someone who knows how to save money. He’s not always spending, he knows his limits, and that way he can take care of his family. Humor is also important. Funny is the way to go."

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On pickup lines

"Pickup lines, I think, should be delivered as jokes. I don’t think it will ever work if you're looking to actually pick up a woman; we're much complicated than that. Just say "Hi!" then introduce yourself, that’s how everything starts, right?"

On JINRIlationships

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"I’ve never wanted to give out advice, because I’m lost with love and relationships myself. People always think, ‘Oh, so it’s about relationships, so you’re giving tips,’ or ‘You’re a love guru, a love doctor.’ No. I’m just like you; I’m a love patient myself. I don’t know what’s happening either. I’m just letting you know what I know, so that you can also relate, or pick-up something from my stories."

Check out episodes of JINRIlationships here! New episodes are uploaded every Monday!

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