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10 Jobs That'll Get You Noticed By The Ladies

Shift careers. Now. Or if you can’t, here’s how to hack it like a pro!
by Jen Chan | Mar 5, 2015
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Men who won the genetic lottery may seem like they have the upper hand, but you can still be pogi in the eyes of your dream girl if you have the work cred to back you up.

Meaning, not only does your job help you pay the bills, it also helps you look like a legitimate bachelor that girls will definitely notice.

Here, we list down 10 jobs that’ll make you instaguwapo. Scroll down quick!


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What makes it cool: Lawyers have a rep for being smart, suave, and sophisticated, and for women, seeing those same qualities tear down the opposition is a definite turn-on.

DIY version: Join any of the clubs under Toastmasters Philippines or develop your confidence at John Robert Powers. Or always ask yourself, “What would Harvey Specter do?”

2)   DJ

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What makes it cool: They have access to all the best parties in town. But it’s how these “spin” doctors make the most introverted ladies dance (and sometimes take their clothes off) that really calls out to gimikeras everywhere.

DIY version: Find your own tune at Bounce Electronic Music & DJ School over at the 8th Floor, W 5th Avenue Building, BGC, Taguig. Classes range from beginner to intermediate.


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What makes it cool: If you think about the most successful enterprises that opened in the last year, chances are they belong in the food industry. Think Marvin Agustin and Erwan Heussaff. Girls find that they’ll never go hungry again.

DIY version: You don’t have to brush up on your pan-frying skills either. What’s important: Knowing all the best restaurants.


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What makes it cool: Speed is sexy, but it’s really the element of danger that makes the likes of Michael Schumacher or Marlon Stockinger so irresistible to women.

DIY version: If you’re not ready to risk your car (or your life) barreling at breakneck speeds, take up go-karting as a hobby instead.


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What makes it cool: Men who have a way with the written word tend to impress girls because they can make anything bland sound like God’s greatest gift to women. But hey, don’t take it from us!

DIY version: Begin your career as a writer by downloading the Day One app for Apple or the Journal app for Android. Practice.


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What makes it cool: Mixologists focus on crafting the perfect cocktail. It can sound a little pretentious, true, but then again it gets women curious enough to ask them about it.

DIY version: Swap your usual rum and cola for Cointreau cocktails.


What makes it cool: They save lives and have “steady” hands.

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DIY version: Learn the basics at the Red Cross. You never know when you might have to give a hot babe mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

8)   PILOT

What makes it cool: Women love a man in uniform, and pilots sure hit the spot. Aside from the obvious travel perks, their training makes them equipped to fly large planes, making women wonder just what else they can handle at 30,000 feet.

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DIY version: The perks of being a pilot may actually be worth going to aviation school for. Pray you have 20/20 vision.


What makes it cool: Some women are attracted to power—a privilege that members of the Senate, with their authority to pass bills and conduct formal investigations may or may not enjoy.

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DIY version: Get involved in inter-office politics and position yourself as a decision maker. Barong, optional.


What makes it cool: Women can’t resist players. On the court, they display all the attributes they want in a man: agility, the ability to make passes, and, you know, hand-eye coordination.

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DIY version: If you’ve got game, it’s easy enough to score with your dream girl. Invite her to watch you play, and for heaven’s sake, win.

From FHM's February 2015 issue
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