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Why Sleeping In Your Underwear Is Dangerous For Your Penis

Another reason to sleep naked
by Mark Coles | Apr 25, 2016
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Wearing underwear in bed during sleep may be bad for your health, especially for men, according to a recent study.

Dr. Alyssa Dweck, a New York-based gynecologist, recommends to “sleep without underwear,” reports the Mirror. She believes that the problems that could arise from sleeping with drawers on is much worse in men as it could affect male fertility.


According to her research, sleeping in your underwear can cause bacteria to build up in the nether regions.

"If [the area] is constantly covered—especially by a fabric that’s not moisture-wicking or absorbent—moisture collects, creating the perfect breeding ground for bacteria or yeast."

This in turn could lead to severe chafing, irritation, and skin infections in your crotch area.

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The study is supported by Dr. Brian Steixner, the Director of the Institute for Men’s Health at Jersey Urology Group, who warns that sleeping in your undies puts the sperm’s quality at risk as the crotch can become too warm during the night.

He added that the genital area needs to be in just the right temperature in order to optimize sperm production.


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