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Sweet Vape Flavors Are Killing Your Cells, According To US Study

Avoid butter, cinnamon, and vanilla
by Andrei Medina | Feb 2, 2018
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Smokers lately seem to be getting the short end of the stick. For one, the nationwide smoking ban implemented in July last year had stiffer fines and penalties against violators. More recently, tobacco prices have been driven up due to the Government’s tax reform taking effect. Not only has it become increasingly difficult to find a place to light up for a few puffs—it’s also a lot more expensive.

These developments have resulted in some smokers opting for the “healthier” version supposedly offered by e-cigarettes, or more popularly known as vaping devices.

So is vaping really the way to go?

A new study led by researchers from the University of Rochester Medical Centre discovered that e-cigs might not be as safe as we’d thought them to be. But then again, there have been various issues in the past like exploding vapes and countless other studies saying something similar.


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Here’s the thing: this study claims that chemicals used to give e-vapes their artificial flavors might not be good for your health after all. In fact, they found that these liquefied chemicals cause white blood cells called monocytes to get inflamed and die eventually.

Flavors that result in the most damage were identified as butter, cinnamon, and vanilla. Combining flavors would also potentially increase the harm done to the cells.

Dr. Irfan Rahman, who is among the authors of the study has a warning regarding vape flavors, which are one of the selling points of e-cigarettes. “Currently, these are not regulated, and alluring flavor names, such as candy, cake, cinnamon roll and mystery mix, attract young vapers,” he said.

So far, the researchers are planning to conduct a follow-up study to collect data that will provide better insight on the potentially harmful effects of vaping.


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