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The lazy man's guide to exercise

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| Aug 26, 2009
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While Time magazine recently debunked exercise's role in weight loss, working out may just work out for the laziest of lads. See, exercise improves a body's resting metabolic rate. Fancy vocab aside, this means that you can be sitting down all day long and still burn calories from breakfast. Which means you can continue being a couch potato without gaining too much poundage.

Of course exercising has its proven benefits: a fitter, better-conditioned body that can withstand any stressful day, less risks of contracting diseases like cancer and heart attack, a better supply of happy hormones, too. It's no guarantee that you get to live longer, but the bottom line is, you get to live happier.

We know just how inviting your couch looks so we dare not suggest you drop and do a 20. Instead, here are a few quick fixes you can add to your daily routine that, in the long run, would allow you more time being the couch potato.

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Walk then talk. If an officemate shoots you an e-mail, make your reply a bit more personal by heading to his desk and giving your response. Exceptions include: when you're in a different floor, or your response is profanity-laced. While you're at it, stand up to answer that phone call.

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