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The Smart Way to Get Drunk

<p>Be a smart drunk</p>
| Jul 15, 2009
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Alcohol drinking is not an exact science. There are no how-to’s in this field. Hard as you try to keep with the moderation mantra, the line gets crossed every now and then. So what’s a man to do when drinking is so damned fun? Master the drinking before it masters you.

Eat. Never drink on an empty stomach’s a no-brainer. If booze is your stomach’s lone guest, it will quickly slip through the bloodstream. That’s when alcohol gets to your head quicker than you can say LA Clippers 2010 NBA champions. Silly, right? Alcohol also increases the production of hydrochloric acid and ultimately eats through your stomach’s protective wall—increasing your chances of heartburn and ulcer. Before the party starts, eat. With food to keep alcohol company, your stomach takes more time to digest it in your system. “The longer alcohol stays in the stomach, the better your body breaks it down,” says Robert Swift, MD, of Brown University in Rhode Island . Some “veteran” drinkers advise us to feast on “grease”—fatty food like pizza, eggs, or longganisa. It’s effective to make alcohol absorption slower since fat takes longer to process.

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WORDS: Omar Belo

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